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Are Remote Employees a Threat to Your Network Security?

Flex Jobs recently released new statistics about the economic shift with remote workers as they become the new norm in our population. The number of employees working remotely has gone up 91% over the last ten years. As organizations shift toward this new norm, it it’s truly good for business. The upside is employees are often happier and teams are more efficient. Employees working remotely have a positive effect on the business as they enjoy flexibility, earn more money, and they create their best life. The downside is that security is often compromised due to poorly managed endpoints (devices). Computers Nationwide will help you mitigate threats posed by remote workers’ endpoints and significantly improve your overall network and data security with a few best practices.

We will continue to see the use of everyday technologies expand with nearly 21 billion devices and a forecast that enterprise and automotive IoT endpoints will increase to 4.8 billion (Garnter report). Whether you’re connected for personal use or working remotely, all of our devices will be feeding an enormous amount of data to the highest bidder. Privacy issues continue to be a threat for us personally, as well as within our organizations. “According to a cyber-readiness survey published by Hiscox, small businesses with 100 users or fewer now face the same risk of attack as a 20,000-employee enterprise. Businesses of all sizes are under constant attack from cybercriminals, who use multiple threats to steal credentials, bypass defenses and infect network devices, servers, computers, and more. Some threats are opportunistic, automated, and indiscriminate in nature, while others are highly targeted, invasive, and precise.”

While the ease of connecting with coworkers and the workplace virtual network is a good thing, that same connectivity that allows your employees to access the network remotely could be the greatest security risk to your company. What can your business do to safeguard your private data while also granting employee access to important files from any location? We have the answer for you: Endpoint Protection! This practice protects your desktops computers, laptops, and mobile devices from vicious cyberattacks. “With the variety, volume, and velocity of attacks that businesses experience today, it’s never been more critical to deploy effective, broad-spectrum endpoint security that can detect and prevent today’s malware, ransomware, phishing, crypto-threats, and other modern threats.”

Are Remote Employees a Threat to Your Network Security? - Computers Nationwide

Endpoint Protection and Unified Communications are the Perfect Combo for Remote Workers and Traveling Teams!

In a previous Computers Nationwide blog, we highlighted all the benefits of implementing Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as your business’s cloud-based business telephone system. These innovative cloud-based telephone systems control an organization’s ability to connect mobile devices, host virtual meetings, and use instant messaging for internal communication which tremendously benefit the in-office employees. UCaaS makes it easier for your employees to find, connect and communicate with each other in real time – all in one place. Since these internet-based tools allow the users to keep their workflow fluid whether they are working from their laptop or their mobile devices, it’s vital to protect these devices against all cyber threats!

Worried about the safety of your team’s devices? Our partners at Webroot secure businesses worldwide with Endpoint and Network Protection, security awareness training and threat intelligence services. Webroot has been using machine learning to classify and categorize threats since 2007. Endpoint security detects malicious activity as well secure all of the networks, servers, desktops, and mobile devices. Every time an employee’s laptop, tablet, notebook, or mobile phone connects to a network, a threat path becomes possible. In order to minimize your business’s vulnerability, every entry point and every file must be protected on every device.

UCaaS provides an incredible, convenient infrastructure to support remote employees as well as on site team members for seamless business communications. Are you ready to protect your sensitive client and corporate data from cyber attacks? Poorly managed endpoints significantly affect your overall network and data security, putting the entire business at risk. No matter your size, businesses need reliable endpoint security that can stop modern attacks. And since most companies are subject to some form of compliance and privacy regulations, protection for endpoints is 100% necessary to help businesses avoid hefty fines and damage to your reputation due to a security breach. We can help you mitigate threats. You’ll save your business time, money, AND increase productivity with UCaaS while also ensuring the best device security practices for your employees with Endpoint Protection!

Our team of IT experts understand that the best defense is to be proactive with your network security measures. We want your business to thrive, employees to experience maximum up-time and productivity. Computers Nationwide is here to make sure your network’s security is automated, protected and on alert 24/7, so you can focus on running your business smoothly!

As your preferred Managed Service Provider, CN wants to make sure your business is setup with the ease of UCaaS and that your devices are protected at all times with Endpoint Protection. Any questions? Let’s connect: (847) 419-9900.

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