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Take Total Control of Who Has Access to Your Business!

Protect your physical location, safeguard sensitive areas, and increase the safety of your people with Access Control solutions. Computers Nationwide is the best place to secure your properties with technology including alarm services and access cards in Vernon Hills. Grant access to the right people at the right time with innovative access control systems from our partners at Hikvision and GeoVision…

Hikvision Access Control Systems - - Computers Nationwide
A Security System You Can Trust

Feel safe knowing that your building is being monitored – indoor and outdoor perimeters – around the clock. Both Hikvision and GeoVision’s development facilities lead the industry in advancing the technology of every essential piece in an Access Control system.

Enjoy Complete Control

Imagine knowing who is entering and exiting your facility, at every possible checkpoint. You choose who’s allowed in and what areas they have access to. No more worries about dangerous intruders or people snooping where they don’t belong.

Customized Solutions

Controllers, card readers, turnstiles, and door locks offer you a complete and secure access control system. As customer requirements grow more complex, a single solution can no longer fulfill every need. Combine various authentication methods in a way that works for you!

Choose the solutions that cater to your business’ individual needs. A complete access control system consists of an access controller, card reader, exit button, lock, and software platform, along with any other needed accessories.

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Access Control Systems Feature:

  • Access controller that downloads information from software, including the person ID, card number and permissions, granting access to specified personnel at assigned times.
  • Card readers to gather identifying information when a user is verified. The reader then sends the user card information to controllers, and completes the verification process.
  • Fingerprint reader identifies user directly when pressed, sends and saves the user ID and records to controllers, and completes the verification process.
  • Door sensors that retrieve door status – when a door’s status is abnormal, an alarm will be triggered and a notification sent to management software.
  • Software to manage real-time events and monitor device status, as well as link up with other devices.

View the product categories below to find what works best for you.

Hikvision Access Control Systems - - Computers Nationwide
Hikvision Access Control Systems - - Computers Nationwide

System Highlights

View Framework and Application Examples Below:
GeoVision Access Control Systems - - Computers Nationwide
GeoVision Access Control Systems - - Computers Nationwide
Hikvision Access Control Systems - - Computers Nationwide
Hikvision Access Control Systems - - Computers Nationwide
At Computers Nationwide, we want to help customers maximize the security of their company with Access Control Systems. Tracking the whereabouts of people within your facility and secured areas can address security concerns, protect private data and help avoid legal liabilities. We offer state-of-the art Door Access Control Systems help ensure that only the right people have access to the appropriate places. Industries that are best served by implementing an access control system include office buildings, banks, education communities, warehouse, healthcare facilities, factories, and even employee parking lots.

Ready to increase your security? The Computers Nationwide team will assess your current infrastructure, customize a solution to fit your specific needs, and provide complete installation services. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today!

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