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Investing in Cybersecurity is Vital for Every Business in 2019

Digital threats will continue to soar into 2019. Cybersecurity is the number one new security megatrend shaping the industry, according to the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) yearly report which defines the major trends and forces at play in the global security industry.

While it is difficult to predict, a recent Forbes article sheds light on industry experts are forecasting at least 60 topics which address the state of cybersecurity and why it will be even more vital to protect yourself, your family, and your business. Staying educated on current threats and investing in device security will help protect your devices from cyber crime.

Today’s hot topics include: the use and misuse of data; AI and machine learning both helping and hurting attackers and defenders; whether we get over “privacy” and see data being protected as a private, protected asset, how the cloud and all of its moving pieces increase risks, the emerging global cyber war conducted by terrorists, criminals and countries; and simply the changing landscape of cyber security.

Investing in cybersecurity is no longer optional – it’s vital.

Nadav Zafrir , CEO of Zero8 has an interesting perspective, “The security challenge of data in use will be overcome by applying the most universal truth of all – mathematics – to facilitate data collection without trust from either side. Software will be developed that requires zero proof of knowledge…based on math, beyond trust.”

IT security practices in 2019 will have to move beyond keeping information safe from hackers. Cyber security must focus on enabling organizations to collaborate, leverage and monetize their data without being exposed to data breaches, giving up their intellectual property or being misused. Yes, it’s a lot to keep track of and manage, but that’s what the IT team at Computers Nationwide is here for. We’ll keep your business safe with the latest innovations in tech so you can focus on running your company smoothly!

Now the average cost of a successful cybersecurity attack runs about $5 million. The most expensive cost is the information loss which accounts for 43% of the cost. Damage related to cybercrime will eventually reach $6 trillion in 2021...WOW! The information security market is predicted to grow to $124 billion this coming year!

Our certified team of IT professionals are ready to install and manage the best systems & protocols to set your business up for cybersecurity success. Contact us today to learn the best ways to protect your business from hackers and threats!
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We wish you a prosperous and cyber-safe 2019!

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