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Change the Game with Managed SD-WAN for Business

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) is a game-changing technology that maximizes bandwidth resources at your headquarters, branch offices, or cloud sites by enabling quality of service controls over the top of any WAN connection.

Learn how to increase and improve your bandwidth, as well as other key benefits of SD-WAN! We partner with several companies that offer this technology.

Managed SD-WAN- Computers Nationwide

If You’re Thinking About SD-WAN, You’re in Good Company

Computers Nationwide partners with companies that offer a range of comprehensive solutions for organizations of all sizes, making us the best choice for managed SD-WAN providers in Vernon Hills. Guaranteed performance so that you can compete, grow and focus on managing your business knowing that you’re in good hands!

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, short for Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, employs a software-based controller that automates service management and implements policy-based routing over multiple connection types (e.g., MPLS, Internet, wireless, etc.).

SD-WAN essentially adds a layer of intelligence that provides real-time control and visibility over network and application performance. This, in turn, lets you boost your bandwidth with widely available, low-cost broadband by overcoming the security, reliability and performance challenges to using the Internet for critical business applications.

Check out the diagram below from one of our great SD-WAN partners, TPx Communications:
Managed SD-WAN - Computers Nationwide

What Are Your SD-WAN Options?

Managed SD-WAN - Computers Nationwide
Our managed services architects will work with you to build a customized solution. Your WAN can become a symphony of private network and OTT Internet connectivity. When shopping for SD-WAN companies, make sure you understand the potential differences among solutions. Here are a few examples of key questions you should ask, keeping your applications, staff capabilities and organizational preferences in mind:

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Managed SD-WAN Features and Benefits

Any Network

Flexibility to leverage any available Internet access regardless of service provider.

Secure Connectivity

MPLS traffic encrypted with VPN access to our MPLS network.

Quality Performance

We provide QoS over any network — no “best effort” here.

Nationwide Availability

Option to “bring your own bandwidth” allows for national off-net connectivity.

Application Aware/Smart QoS

Customized prioritization of key application data traffic.

Cloud VPN

Dynamic edge-to edge communication via IPSec VPN connectivity.

Flexible Continuity Options

In the event of an unplanned circuit outage, failover is bi-directional; both circuits back each other up. And third circuit option for ultra-reliability.

UCx/SIP Over the Top (OTT)

Get our Unified Communications (UCx) and SIP voice (SmartVoice) solutions coast-to-coast, anywhere there’s a broadband connection. All voice traffic has a high priority policy so that it doesn’t compete with public Internet traffic.

Multi-Circuit Connectivity & Continuity

Use transport provided by us or your local Internet provider to securely and seamlessly failover to any or all of our core services — MPLS, SmartVoice, Internet and UCx. All connections (2 or 3), regardless of who provides them can be active/active mode.

WAN Optimization

Forward Error Correction (FEC) improves circuit performance, reducing jitter and packet loss.

4G LTE Connectivity & Continuity

4G LTE as primary, secondary and redundant options to reduce or eliminate the need for wireline connectivity.

Inbound Failover

Public IPs are assigned between the core network and the SD-WAN Gateway. These support inbound Internet failover for Remote Users/VPN and Web Servers.

Enjoy guaranteed performance over the cloud without headaches like multiple provider footprints, complex routing, skyrocketing expense, and connectivity or redundancy limitations.

At Computers Nationwide, we want to find the best solution possible for your organization. Let’s align your company’s objectives with the SD-WAN capabilities to improve the performance and cost-efficiency of your network. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today!