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Elevate Your Business to the Cloud with Unified Communications

Put the Power of Unified Communications to Work!

Computers Nationwide proudly launches new offering: Unified Communications (UCaaS). UCaaS makes it easier for your employees to find, connect and communicate with each other in real time using presence, instant messaging and voice – all in one place. These internet-based tools allow the users to keep their workflow fluid whether they are working from their laptop or their mobile devices. Everything becomes seamless and effortless.

What is UCaaS?

These innovative cloud-based business telephone systems control the flow of calls into and out of an organization. They are used by companies of any industry and size, coordinating across multiple locations instantly and effortlessly via the Internet! They integrate with your business software applications and with your cell phone. UCaaS is now the current standard for business voice communication. UCaaS service providers utilize voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and related internet protocol (IP) telephony technology to connect traditional business phone systems with instant messaging, video conferencing and related web services.

“The use of virtual desktops has exploded in recent years, and is expected to grow almost 30 percent by 2020. That’s significant, considering that in 2017, 42 percent of businesses were already using at least a virtually hosted apps. Full-service virtualization is the next natural step.” As you energize your team with interaction, collaboration, and connection, you will reap the benefits of enhanced productivity. Remember, UCaaS includes messaging, online meeting, and video/voice conferencing. Your team will have increased flexibility and your business will flourish!

Platforms with virtual desktop hosting also improves your customer service. Whether its placing orders or requesting support, customer inquiries are your number one priority. Unified communications makes sure that you never miss a call from your customers. Our services will help routing inbound calls, queueing multiple calls, collaborating online with your customers, working remotely.

Platforms also offer the option to add a virtual call center. The top benefits of a virtual call center are reduced costs, higher productivity, ability to hire remote agents, higher customer satisfaction, less employee turnover, and servicing customers worldwide in all time-zones and different cultures 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Elevate Your Business to the Cloud with Unified Communications - Computers Nationwide

Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service

  • Customization Is Easy: Does your organization have unique requirements? No worries. UCaaS offers mix-and-match user bundles and add-ons to address your specific needs. Integration is available for customer relationship management (CRM) applications like Salesforce and other business productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google apps and WebEx.
  • Choose Your End Points: Your team can be productive from anywhere on multiple devices: desktop, laptop, tablets, or mobile phones using their business line identity! But you don’t have to give up your desk phone if you don’t want to – in fact, you can have a state-of-the-art IP phone that’s fully integrated with the UCaaS apps. These internet-based tools gives the user the same experience from the desktop to mobile keeping work moving effortlessly.
  • Budget Friendly Pricing: UCaaS offers communication services in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model where you pay a specified fee on a monthly basis to customize and access just what you need. Monthly pricing by number of users or connections is affordable and predictable. Hosted PBX offers a fully managed, scalable solution without additional maintenance or support contracts. No upfront capital investment! Computers Nationwide offers an installment payment program which opens the door for you to purchase brand-new phones and switches without having to pay for them all up front. Enjoy the flexibility to add users or capacity quickly!
  • Connectivity Options: Choose from connectivity options to support HD voice and video. We will help you find your ideal combination of speed, flexibility, and cost without sacrificing quality or reliability. We provide ethernet access services, managed high speed internet access with SD-WAN, 4G LTE Internet access with SD-WAN or bring your own bandwidth with SD-WAN.
  • Minimal Setup Required: Our skilled Solution Architects and Trainers will work with you to ensure a smooth implementation. New features and functionality are added automatically with no new software or hardware to buy! Minimal IT support required — with tools, portals and assistance one button-push away, you manage your own phone system.We offer training at your location so your employees can take full advantage of our feature-rich technology. Supplement your training with digital resources, including how-to-guides, tutorials and shortcuts!
Computers Nationwide takes the security of your data and your team very seriously. No matter which option you choose,you’ll rest easy knowing that it’s all backed by our 100% service availability guarantee! Our goal is to be the most reliable cloud based communication provider for our clients. We have diligently chosen to work with leading edge industry partners to offer you the best solutions possible.

Are you ready for the switch? Move your communications to the cloud! Let’s connect: (847) 419-9900.

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