Is Your Business Technology Up to Date for the New Year?

Going into a new year is the perfect time to assess the state of your company’s tech – this includes cyber security, web design, commercial surveillance, communication systems, and more. A time to look at the big picture and assess how all of your systems work together to protect your network, devices, and physical locations. Are you aware of your company’s current security posture? Do you know what your potential vulnerabilities are? It’s in every organization’s best interest to align themselves with expert managed IT service providers to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Computers Nationwide was founded to create and support sophisticated work environments. As your respected and trusted Managed Service Provider, our technicians and architects are leaders with the latest innovations in computers, servers, networks, communications, cybersecurity and other cloud computing technologies. We understand that as businesses enter 2020, advances in AI and machine learning are accelerating its technological progress. Real-time data and analytics are making it possible to build stronger defenses before an attack – driving higher adoption to increase cyber security budgets ASAP. CN partners with some of the foremost leaders in the IT and security industries to provide you with the best upgrades, protection, and services for your your cyber security budget.

Here’s a glimpse at how the Computers Nationwide team and our partnerships can ensure your business is on the right track for 2020…

Managed Cyber Security

As we all know, cyber-attacks have grown in intensity, frequency, and scope over the last several years. Our partners are Perch Security lead the industry with their Threat Intel programs. We utilize Perch’s co-managed threat detection and SOC (Security Operations Center) to constantly monitor and mitigate potential internal/external cyber security risks. Beyond detecting, mitigating, and responding, Computers Nationwide takes a deep dive into firewall rules/policies, assists on policy creation (e.g. acceptable use, incident response), and offer end-user trainings (e.g. Security Awareness Training, Email Phishing Education). Enjoy peace of mind with the 24/7 protection that comes with our Managed Cyber Security services!

Unified Communications as a Service

UCaaS makes it easier for your employees to find, connect and communicate with each other in real time using presence, instant messaging and voice – all in one place. These internet-based tools allow the users to keep their workflow fluid whether they are working from their laptop or their mobile devices. Moving your communications to the cloud makes everything become seamless and effortless. Worried about the safety of employee devices? Our partners at Webroot secure businesses worldwide with Endpoint and Network Protection, security awareness training and threat intelligence services. Save your business time, money, AND increase productivity with UCaaS!

Prepare Your Business for 2020 with Cutting-Edge Technology - Computers Nationwide
Low Voltage Cabling

Do you think your cable infrastructure is causing problems? Research has shown that up to 50% of all network problems are related to network cabling, but only 2% of network investments are allocated for data cabling. A cabling system should be a long-term investment, so be sure that it is properly designed to avoid future network problems. Let us troubleshoot your current cables to see if they have any continuity problems, run new voice/data cables or we can design your new cable infrastructure! Could something else be slowing down your connection? Learn how TPX Communication’s SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) can help you increase and improve your bandwidth.

Web Design and Managed Hosting

Your company’s website is the powerful first impression for your clients and partners. At Computers Nationwide, we’re committed to bring you the very best in technology solutions for your website! Is your website running slow? Outdated? Have your needs changed? From custom web design, to managed web hosting, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking to build a portfolio site to showcase your company’s offerings, an e-commerce site to sell product straight to your customers, or even an interactive media/video gallery, we are confident our web design specialists will build you the web site that best satisfies your needs!

Managed IT Services

CN’s Managed IT solutions continue evolving as the security threats explode, compliance demands increase, and IT becomes more complex. Our mission is to help ensure that your technology infrastructure is performing and secure so you can focus on running your business! Our network partner Datto provides an award-winning ecosystem that monitors and protects your business in regard to business continuity and disaster recovery, business management, and file back up and sync solutions. “As the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Datto believes there is no limit to what small and medium businesses can achieve with the right technology.” Ask us about Disaster Recovery as a Service!

Commercial Surveillance

Fact: In 2019, retail crime remains one of the most serious problems facing superstores, popular chains and grocery stores. No need to worry, we have a solution! Installing video surveillance cameras is the best way to know the “ins and outs” of your business. Video surveillance helps every size business against burglaries, employee theft, vandalism, and other types of damage. Hikvision Security camera systems are the greatest prevention of crime in the work place. Our architects design, support and monitor the business location, inside and outside via mobile device or computer. They will also increase staff efficiency, quality control and reduce employee theft. From video capture to video processing and storage, to video management, Hikvision designs and manufactures a full line of innovative products.

Prepare Your Business for 2020 with Cutting-Edge Technology - Computers Nationwide
Office 365 for Business

Did you know that traveling for work can put you at higher risk for a data breach? Invest in cybersecurity safety by connecting your devices through Microsoft Office 365’s programs. Our customers are seeking to transform and support a workforce that is more diverse and mobile than ever before, and here’s how… storing your important documents in the cloud will make your data accessible, safe, and secure on the go! Workers feel more productive, connected, and empowered due to the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud, and business owners feel more confident in allowing their team to work remotely.

Voice & Data Circuits

We’ve teamed up with the best ISP’s in the area to provide a solution for all your technology needs! CN works directly with the service provider on everything related to voice and data so you don’t have to. Bonus: Your price is always the same and our involvement does not reflect onto the price! Working with different ISP’s makes it easy to find the solution that is right for you by offering many different options, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). All we need to do is take a look at your current ISP’s bill to see how we can start saving you money today!

As we approach 2020, businesses are entering a new decade and must keep up with the times. Technology, cyber threats, and business solutions will only continue to evolve. Is your company prepared to begin the New Year strong? Computers Nationwide is here to support you with cutting-edge technology and services.
We are especially excited for 2020 as we will be celebrating our 10th year in business! Thank you for trusting us and being an important part of the CN community, it’s been a pleasure to build long term relationships with our clients, our employees, and our vendors by emphasizing integrity, fairness, loyalty, quality of products and services, and extraordinary value.

Computers Nationwide is Committed to You!

Do you know your potential IT vulnerabilities? It’s in every organization’s best interest to work with an expert Managed IT Service provider to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.

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