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Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Win Big With Video Surveillance

As an owner of a small business, you might be on the fence about Video Surveillance Systems. However, whether large or small, commercial video surveillance is vital to your operations. Business are actually 4x more likely to be burglarized than homes. Take a look at some of the most important reasons and then decide how quickly your business needs to move forward.

Reduction in Operating Costs

1. Do you want to lower expensive business insurance premiums? Video Surveillance systems for your store or office will dramatically drop your insurance rates. Insurance providers feel more confident in the investment they are making in your business when they know you are taking important measures to protect your business. A dependable indoor or outdoor surveillance system will strengthen your position and immediately your business becomes less of a liability on their end.

2. Cameras are your multiple eyes. They see everything. You will know instantly if employees are working efficiently, taking an extra long lunch break, and be able to check that machinery is functioning properly. Tracking employee productivity and workflow is also key to your company’s success.

Improvement with Employee Management

3. If you are thinking, “My employees wouldn’t steal!”

Surprisingly, about 75% of employees steal according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.  The most effective way to catch them and reclaim your property is with a video surveillance system. Keeping employees honest and accountable will have them thinking twice before risking their job.

Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Win Big With Video Surveillance - Computers Nationwide

Enhanced Employee Security

4. Strategically placed cameras capture disgruntled employees who might fake a work injury for compensation.

5. Video surveillance protects employees. Find out if they are being harassed by angry customers or co-workers. When your team feels valued by their owner(s) and that their workplace is a safe environment, productivity increases and so does morale.

Designing and installing a surveillance system is much more than just hanging cameras in every corner. It involves evaluating your property to find security weaknesses, traffic flow, lighting challenges and what kind of equipment must be used for maximum coverage.

The Computers Nationwide Surveillance Installation Team is #1 in the industry. We value your investment and understand how critical it is that you choose trusted, knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Read more about how seriously we take your commercial surveillance needs…

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