Get Excited for our Network Partners’ Innovations in 2019! - Computers Nationwide

Get Excited for our Network Partners’ Innovations in 2019!

Computers Nationwide strategically partners with the foremost leaders in the Network, Telecom, and Security industries. 2019 is the year for technology innovation and improvements to better your business.
Tech innovations to look forward to in 2019:
  • Groundbreaking technologies for electronic safety and security for your business
  • Best practices for cybersecurity
  • Easy to manage video surveillance
  • Increased processor speed for a seamless workday
  • Improved monitor display and more

Let us provide your business with innovating solutions in the new year. Computers Nationwide is selective when it comes to the organizations we choose to work with – only the best for our clients! Therefore we have the highest quality partners at our side. Below are a few of the wonderful network affiliates we have chosen to highlight to showcase their plans for 2019…


Hikvision was recognized as “the most impactful and groundbreaking technologies for the electronic security and life safety industry.” Hikvision brings decades of experience to the world of video surveillance technology. They offer high-end video management software with a modern User Interface that provides for exceptional user experience. Hikvision was the 2018 winner of the ESX Innovation Awards for their Thermal Bi-Spectrum and Network Bullet Camera. Cybersecurity is a concern for many business owners and Hikvision Cybersecurity Director will host an educational session on ‘how to protect your systems from vulnerabilities’ in March 2019. From video capture to video processing and storage, to video management, Hikvision designs and manufactures a full line of innovative products.


Dell is a company built on reliable products and purposeful PC and software innovations. “We’re driving innovation and delivering devices and experiences to make work and play more fluid and enjoyable.” In 2019 innovation, Dell plans on giving the people what they demand – a machine that’s beautiful and responsive. Dell continues to improve monitor display without sacrificing processor speed and response time to make for a seamless workday. According to their website, “Dell empowers countries, communities, customers, and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more.”


Get Excited for our Network Partners’ Innovations in 2019! Computers Nationwide


HP is one of the leaders in the computer industry. They create desktops, laptops, printers and more to help your business launch into the future.  HP is “reinventing the way people, machines, and content work together – worldwide.” 2019 has officially begun, and HP was not shy to announce their new tech offerings and innovations for the new year. HP announced its PC and display innovations offering the user greater flexibility and performance. The HP Elite series is celebrating 10 years of artfully crafted innovation for its extended battery life, sleek design, and anti-glare screen. All Elite devices are the “world’s most secure and manageable PCs with HPs hardware-enforced security.” The way people work is changing and HP is sure to create a workplace designed for the future!

Have a problem? We are listening and ready to work with you toward the best solution possible for your business.
Contact us to get started and make sure your business continues to grow & innovate in 2019!
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