10 Predictions Shaping the Future of Business Technology

CN’s 2024 IT Forecast: 10 Predictions Shaping the Future of Business Technology

As 2023 wraps up and we see business technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s important for organizations of all sizes to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the New Year. As we look ahead to 2024, CIOs and CTOs are revamping their security and cyber strategies according to the latest tech innovations and advancements.

Industry leaders are here with their predictions that will significantly impact the year ahead. From artificial intelligence and automation to cybersecurity and the rise of the cloud, there are a number of exciting developments on the horizon that are sure to shape the way we do business and manage our IT infrastructures in the year to come…

A comprehensive cyber and IT strategy is crucial for business growth, success, and continuity. As you set out to finalize yours for the next year, we’re here to help with our official IT forecast for 2024!

The Current State of IT: A Recap of 2023

Before we jump into the forecast for 2024, let’s go over what made waves in the industry in 2023.

Top Business Tech Changes in 2023
  • AI and Machine Learning Dominance: AI and ML have increased across several industries. Businesses in 2023 used it to offer improved customer service, optimize supply chain, and data analysis.
  • Blockchain for Security: industries such as finance and healthcare have actively started using blockchain technology. With more secure transactions, reduced risk of fraud, and the decentralized nature of the technology, it has changed the nature of transactions in industries.
  • IoT Proliferation: The implementation of IoT increased across industries as well. More and more devices are added to the system, resulting in increased data. When used safely and effectively, it offers valuable insights for businesses.
  • Cybersecurity Investments: Companies also prepared for increased cyber threats while incorporating more technology. Technologies such as encryption were used to combat cyber-attacks and data breaches.
  • Cloud Computing Prevalence: Cloud computing and storage have gained popularity as hybrid and scalable solutions. These offered added flexibility for data processing and storage.
  • Sustainability in IT: Like other sectors, IT too saw a wave of sustainable practices and technology. Many businesses aligned their IT strategies with eco-friendly practices.
  • Data Privacy and Protection: Stricter regulations and increased customer awareness have made data privacy and protection a priority for businesses. Businesses added security measures for increased transparency and trust with customers.
  • Remote Work Evolution: The global pandemic propelled remote and hybrid work solutions. The popularity continued in 2023, and businesses invested in collaborative tools and security technology to enable remote and hybrid work.
  • AR and VR Integration: Marketers have increasingly adopted AR and VR technology to captivate customers through immersive experiences.
  • Digital Transformation Surge: More and more businesses are investing in digital transformation for survival and growth.

10 Predictions Shaping the Future of Business Technology

CN’s IT Forecast: What to Expect from Business IT in 2024

Our experts predict that 2024 will be as dynamic as 2023. We can expect increased adoption of technologies and innovation by businesses to improve experiences for their customers.

10 Predictions for the Future of Business Technology in the New Year
1. AI and ML Expansion

We can only expect AI and ML applications to increase. The technology can be used for more business operations, such as enhancing decision-making and automating routine and mundane processes. The focus on customer services, data analytics, and supply chain management will continue.

2. Blockchain Continues to Thrive

Blockchain technology will be adopted by more industries. Its benefits (decentralized nature, secure transactions, and increased trust) can leverage other business processes.

3. IoT’s Unstoppable Growth

IoT will see more and more devices getting connected. It will lead to businesses accumulating more data and getting more actionable insights. More data means optimized decision-making and improved business processes.

4. Cybersecurity Evolution

As cyber threats evolve, so will cybersecurity measures. Businesses will invest in advanced encryption technologies, threat intelligence, and proactive cybersecurity strategies to fortify their defenses against sophisticated attacks and data breaches.

5. Cloud Computing Dominance

Cloud computing solutions, both public and private, will be dominant in the industry. They offer multiple benefits that businesses will leverage for rapid growth and scalability.

6. Sustainability as a Priority

Companies are under pressure to monitor their footprint and resort to eco-friendly practices. Hence, we may see more eco-friendly initiatives and greater use of green technologies in IT strategies for 2024.

7. Heightened Data Privacy Measures

Stringent regulations surrounding data privacy and protection will make businesses focus on their data storage and management policies. These policies are essential for businesses to develop trust with their customers.

8. Remote Work Evolution Continues

Remote work solutions will persist. Employers will offer hybrid work arrangements and invest in technology that supports virtual collaboration. Businesses will also have to invest in cybersecurity to ensure data is protected with access limited to authorized personnel only.

9. AR and VR Applications Expand

AR and VR are popular among marketers. But more and more businesses will be investing in these technologies for various purposes – employee training and onboarding, product development and testing, and creating new engaging experiences for customers.

10. Continued Emphasis on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a must-have for all businesses now, no matter their size. It will continue to be a strategic imperative for businesses as they explore innovative tech, agile work processes, and data-driven decision-making.

Insights from the IT Experts: 5 Business Tech Trends Coming in 2024

Let’s explore five additional business tech trends that will be popular next year…

  • Edge Computing Advancements: Businesses will process data faster and more efficiently as edge computing increases in popularity.
  • 5G Revolution: The expanded rollout of 5G networks will unlock new areas of connectivity. This increases the chances of greater mobile experiences and innovative applications.
  • AI-driven Personalization: AI applications will increase with the technology being the major force behind personalized recommendations and tailored marketing campaigns.
  • Quantum Computing Exploration: While this technology has a long way to go, it can be explored by businesses to solve complex problems beyond data analysis and customization.
  • Robotics Integration: The use of robotics will increase across industries for greater efficiency and streamlined business processes.

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