Harnessing the Power of Technology to Prevent Crime at Work

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Prevent Crime at Work

The threat of crime is familiar to businesses. As technology and industries have evolved, so have the number of threats and types of criminal behavior. Physical crimes range from intrusion, vandalism, public violence, personal attacks, and more. Meanwhile, common cyber crimes include malware, spoofing, phishing, data breaches, and the list goes on.

“According to research, it was found that 68% of 2,000 workers who worked in a building with 500 or more staff are not happy with the safety standard and do not feel safe at their workplace. Remote workers who work from home feel unsafe in a regular work environment. 75% of remote workers are doubtful about workplace safety, and 23% will resign if required to return to the worksite.” Tech Report

Clearly, there is a need for enhanced security protocols for all businesses, no matter the industry or size. Employees want to feel safe and it’s our responsibility to protect them. What might have worked back in 2018 no longer does the trick. After all, as your business evolves so does your technology!

Is your company keeping up with the latest threats facing your team? Do you have a plan in the event of an emergency? The modern, post-COVID workplace requires the latest innovations in security solutions. That’s where Computers Nationwide steps in to help.

By leveraging cutting-edge security technology, businesses can protect themselves, improve employee safety, and show the community that you care. Read on to learn why crime prevention is important, and how organizations like yours can boost security by partnering with a Managed Service Provider like CN…

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Prevent Crime at Work

Understanding Crime Prevention Strategies

Crime prevention refers to the strategies, measures, and actions taken to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of criminal activities occurring. This Crime Prevention Month, let us review what crime prevention means. The goal of creating a crime prevention strategy is to implement safety solutions that deter or prevent any dangerous events before they happen. These can include theft, unarmed assault, workplace harassment, cybercrimes, and more. The intention as a business is to protect your employees and your facility, creating a safe work environment both offline and online.

The aim of crime prevention is to deter criminals from committing crimes by making it more difficult for them to commit the crime or by increasing the chances of them being caught and punished. There are different approaches to crime prevention, including situational crime prevention, social crime prevention, and community crime prevention.

Situational crime prevention is more applicable to the workplace, it involves modifying the physical environment to make it more difficult or less attractive for criminals to commit crimes or an attack. Examples of situational crime prevention may include installing surveillance cameras, improving lighting in public spaces, and locking doors and windows.

With hybrid work environments and new methods of cyber attacks, just relying on old security cameras or a security guard is no longer effective. Modern technological solutions allow for merging physical and cyber security systems to create powerful solutions that protect your business premises, people, and data.

Crime at the Workplace in the U.S.

To formulate an effective security strategy, it is important to first identify the threats at hand. Workplace violence affects thousands of American employees each year. In 2020, over 20,000 people were injured and 390 killed during workplace assaults. In industries such as healthcare and social assistance, the violent incident rate is 8.20%, relatively higher than that of other industries.

Incidences of theft are higher in the retail sector. Active shooting incidents are also higher at retail stores, endangering employees and customers alike. Apart from violent assaults, malware, and phishing attacks make businesses more prone to data breaches that affect daily operations and continuity. Wouldn’t it be great to stop criminals and bad actors in their tracks? Read on to learn more…

Top Threats to Employee Safety in 2023

In 2023, organizations and small businesses face a multitude of threats. Are your current systems equipped to ward off today’s perpetrators? Here are some of the most common attacks that need to be mitigated:

  1. Theft and Vandalism: The retail sector continues to face theft and vandalism. The likelihood of these events happening has only increased in recent years. While theft results in losses, vandalism also often interrupts operations, adding to financial losses.
  2. Workplace Violence: The USA has seen a surge in workplace violence – physical assault and armed shootings. Such events impact employee safety and the business’s reputation.
  3. Cybercrimes: Cybercrimes have not only increased but also evolved to become more dangerous for businesses. Data breaches and malware attacks can have long-term consequences including legal troubles and heavy fines. There is an urgent need to enhance security to tackle these attacks.
Why does this matter?

According to a new study: “68% of workers globally do not feel completely safe working in their employer’s buildings. The number is higher for those working remotely, 75%. And nearly one in four of those remote workers said they would look for a new job rather than return to a worksite that did not implement the necessary safety measures.” EHS Today

These numbers are way too high. Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. Find out how we can work together to lower these statistics…

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Prevent Crime at Work

Are Your Business Security Measures Equipped to Handle Today’s Threats?

Security is now the top priority for all companies – physical and cyber. It is important to periodically review the status of your existing policies and security infrastructure to find areas for improvement. Are your SMB’s security measures up to date? Is your workplace at par with industry standards & regulations? Is your safety strategy in line with your business requirements?

Conducting a detailed security audit can help your organization identify potential security risks, vulnerabilities, and set up necessary solutions for success!

Leveraging Modern Technology to Prevent Crime at Work

While we can’t control everything, it is possible to predict behavior, stop crime, prevent theft, AND protect your employees with the right security systems in place. Modern technology offers cutting-edge safety solutions that can help your company fend off any security threats, in person or virtually. Here are a few prime examples below…

  • Cloud Surveillance: You can monitor your workplace in real-time through HD CCTV cameras and video technology. This allows you to identify potential risks before any damage occurs. Learn more about cloud technology here!
  • AI Behavior Analysis and Prediction: AI and machine learning technology can identify unusual activity at your workplace. These systems learn the usual routines of your employees, systems, and workflows. Hence, they are able to detect when unusual activity takes place alerting you before the damage is done.
  • Access Control Systems: These systems identify authorized employees and only allow them access to certain areas. Through biometric verification, keycards, and mobile access, any unverified personnel are kept out of restricted areas. Find out what to consider when selecting an access control system.
  • Video Intercoms: Video intercoms also manage visitors – these systems detect and identify visitors before they enter the premises. This way, only verified and authorized people can access your premises, safeguarding it from unwanted guests.
  • Alarm Systems: Alarm systems are also advanced now. Threats can trigger alarms off-site as well, allowing you to respond immediately and even alert authorities.
  • Emergency Communication Towers: Emergency towers send signals for help in case of danger. Having these towers in outdoor areas allows businesses to reach for help immediately.

Partner with the Midwest’s Premier Security Provider to Protect What Matters Most

Safety should always come first. Is it time for a change in your approach to security? If you’re revamping your strategy for 2024 and want to make some essential upgrades, you’ve come to the right place! Partner with the knowledgeable, reliable end-to-end Managed IT professionals at Computers Nationwide. Your company’s safety protocols need to be innovative, scalable, and responsive to your business’ ever-changing needs and growth. Our 5-star team is happy to guide the way in preventing crime at your workplace!

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Prevent Crime at Work
What can the experts at Computers Nationwide do for my workplace?

If you partner with us for all your IT and security needs, we’ll make sure you’re protected and secured from all angles. Here is how our team will fortify your facility…

  1. Security audit: Our team will first conduct an in-depth security audit. We’ll analyze your current systems, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and create an action plan for improvements. Read more about security audits here!
  2. Cutting-edge solutions: Once the audit is complete, we’ll recommend customized technology & tools tailored to your business. We’re proud to partner with leading security system providers to offer state-of-the-art safety technology that will detect, prevent, and mitigate crime:
    • Avigilon for HD surveillance and video intercom technology.
    • Aiphone for advanced intercoms and entry systems.
    • Hikvision for enhanced video management software (thermal imaging) and AI behavior detection.
    • PDK for cloud-based access control & alarm solutions.
  3. Managed Services: Not only will we install and implement your new security systems, but we’ll also train your team on how to use these new tools and offer ongoing support. Our professional team will manage and monitor your systems 24/7 to make sure everything is working properly.
  4. Crime Reduction: Between our expert advice and unique action plans, you’ll be well on your way reducing workplace crime, preventing loss, protecting against violence, and stopping cyber security threats – making your SMB an even safer place for everyone.

Partnering with CN is your best bet at protecting what matters most. Whether your goal is retail loss prevention, parking lot security, or visitor management, we have a solution for every need. We’ll audit your current security measures, identify vulnerabilities & blind spots, and suggest a customized plan.

Stay one step ahead with the most advanced business and safety solutions by partnering with Computers Nationwide. Connect with us today for a safer and disaster-proof environment.

“We had no clue where to even begin as we explored many safety and security issues for our building. (CN) came to our rescue answering questions, giving us options and patiently walking us through everything we needed. Right down to the training and installation (CN) was the perfect solution for us. I would highly recommend them. Peace of mind that the job was done right!” – Client Testimonial
Ready to reduce crime, deter theft, and improve security? Do your employees and customers feel safe?
Invest in cutting-edge security solutions with CN!
Choose Computers Nationwide as your trusted technology advisor and leave the rest to us.

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