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What is Cloud Based Communication?

According to PWC’s US Remote Work Survey: “Less than one in five executives say they want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic. The rest are grappling with how widely to extend remote work options, with just 13% of executives prepared to let go of the office for good. Over half of employees (55%) would prefer to be remote at least three days a week once pandemic concerns recede.”
Let’s face it, the pandemic fundamentally altered the way businesses operate. Teams everywhere have had to adjust to these changes and many workers are finding they actually enjoy this new normal. In response, many businesses have adopted a combination of a work-from-home and in-office strategies, known as hybrid work.
The flow of information at your company needs to evolve as well to survive. Does your business still use landlines to communicate and store physical files locally? Are you using the best collaboration apps or still relying on in-person interactions?
It’s time to make a change! Gone are the days of multiple work landlines, physical file storage, and only collaborating in person. Small to medium-sized businesses need a way to securely communicate and complete tasks without being in person. That’s where cloud based communication comes in…
Cloud-based communication is a type of communication that occurs through multiple channels via the internet. Everything from messaging, voicemail, calling, emails, file sharing, video conferencing, and more can be done through an internet connection. The conversations you have, files you share, and messages you send run through a third-party hosting service instead of a local telephone line. This eliminates the need for extra hardware and manual labor, or needing to be in-person to get the message across.

The ultimate goal of cloud communications is to have a unified communications process, otherwise known at Computers Nationwide as Unified Communications as a Service!

There are plenty of advantages to adopting a cloud based internal communications strategy…
  • Mobility: When your companies’ endpoints make use of the cloud, it gives employees the flexibility to work from remote locations. This is especially helpful whether your business is 100% remote or has adopted a hybrid structure!
  • Scalability: When it’s time for upgrades, software updates, or a business expansion, cloud communication technology makes it easier to scale up your capabilities without adding extra hardware. 
  • Security: Standard phone lines and/or physical file storage locations don’t offer much in the way of security. Cloud based communications systems allow for various methods of cybersecurity including: data encryption, and two factor authentication. This ensures users’ safety and protects your business from hackers!
  • Reliability: Cloud based communications are built for continuity and have fail safes if things go awry.
  • Cost: You need to make sure the price of your cloud communications services are within your company’s budget and offer the best value for your specific needs. Computers Nationwide delivers innovative UCaaS solutions at a competitive price and we can even guide your SMB through implementation!
  • Productivity: Your team will be able to keep information flowing, give each other quick real-time updates, and thus give you a competitive edge in the marketplace!
Cloudy with a Chance of Pitfalls

You may believe your business is running perfectly fine without cloud based communication, but consider the many benefits above and ask yourself how much more efficient your workplace can be. It’s also a great exercise to think about the pain points your business may be experiencing if you haven’t implemented a cloud based communication system yet.

If you store files locally (whether they are paper files or digital files), you run the risk of losing them in a multitude of ways. Your files could end up corrupted, or your physical files could be lost in a natural disaster or fire. You also compromise the security of your files.

Cloud based communication allows for file backups along with the protection of cybersecurity. Let’s say your employees use office landline phones, what happens when there is a network outage? Or a global pandemic comes through suddenly and takes away your ability to use those landlines in the office? Or what if half of your workforce reports to the office while the other half works from home? Do you wish you could text coworkers without using your personal mobile number?

UCaaS reduces IT spend, improves productivity, lowers employee commute costs, and more. However, as we discovered in 2020, UCaaS can also be critical for business continuity. By giving your team members access to crucial tools on the cloud, you ensure productivity doesn’t falter when the office shuts down. Cloud based communication solves all of these issues and many more by allowing employees to work, collaborate, and communicate from anywhere! Clear skies ahead…

What Cloud Based Communication - Computers Nationwide 2
Seamless Communication Across All Devices and Platforms

Keep in mind that you also want your cloud based communication system to be as unified as possible. If you have too many channels, information can get lost in the noise or employees can feel overwhelmed with so many apps or softwares to learn.

Your business needs a centralized means of communication to ensure effective and successful communication. Cloud based communications solutions can be customized and uniquely catered to suit your SMBs need to smoothly keep your operations humming along. UCaaS allows employees to easily find, connect and communicate with each other in real time using presence, instant messaging and voice. These internet-based tools give the user the same experience from the desktop to mobile keeping work moving effortlessly.

Equip your business with the best cloud based communication tools for business by partnering with Computers Nationwide!

Computers Nationwide Has You Covered

Don’t let the desk phone tie your team down. To be successful in this virtual work environment, you need consistent access to your teammates, clients, business data, and applications on any device from any location. That means smartphones, tablets, laptops, home desktops, you name it.

Let the IT professionals at Computers Nationwide install your cloud communications systems. We’ll learn the needs of your SMB, identify the best UCaaS software, and train your employees on how to use these new collaboration tools.

Implementation is only the first step. After your new systems are running, you’ll need knowledgeable experts to help with any technical issues that occur along the way. That’s why Computers Nationwide offers Managed IT services complete with certified technicians and engineers on standby, ready to improve the security and performance of your work environment.

Excellent Cloud Communication Solutions from our Partners
Unleash the Power of Unified Communications as a Service with Computers Nationwide’s premiere partnerships. Our network partners Broadvoice and 8×8 are industry leaders in UCaaS, ready to take your business communication to the next level…
Broadvoice B-Hive Communicator

Untether your team from their desk phones and give them the power to provide deeper customer experiences and seize on opportunities more effectively with a cloud business phone system.

A Single Platform: Your team can call, text, chat, initiate video calls, and even check virtual voicemail and fax from one window 

Simplified Management: Admins and users have access to a simple dashboard for business-wide and individual phone settings.

One Number. Any Device: Call and text from your personal device with your work number via the b-hive mobile app.

Customers and Clients Meet Collaboration: b-hive Communicator is the single app for interacting with customers and teammates via phone, video, SMS, or chat.

  • Updated user interface and new, more reliable video calling platform.
  • Native integration with b-hive including voicemail with speech-to-text and virtual fax.
  • Video call recording.
  • Screen and file sharing.

Easier Than Ever to Manage Business Phones

  • Manage business phone features like auto-attendants, call routing and extensions.
  • Control call operations for multiple locations and hybrid cloud PBX/SIP systems from the same interface.
  • Customize phone behaviors by schedule.
  • Add users, manage roles, and change seat types. 
  • View call analytics
What Cloud Based Communication - Computers Nationwide 2
8×8 Cloud PBX Services

Incorporate 8×8 into your existing apps and software automatically. Blend phone features with CRM apps, messaging, email and Microsoft Teams to boost productivity.

Elevate the Quality and Reliability of Your Business Phone

  • Give your business a competitive advantage with a modern cloud-based phone system.
  • Get award-winning voice quality in the office or on-the-go, powerful analytics and a single administration platform to manage all your locations.
  • Integrate business apps including Microsoft Teams and CRM system with your cloud phone system seamlessly.
  • Support your organization’s business continuity and resilience with 8×8’s secure, fully-redundant data centers 

Everything you need in a single app: All-in-one collaboration app for desktop and mobile devices with voice, video, private and team chat.

Bring coworkers, customers, and collaborators together with 8×8 Work Apps: Connect with customers and colleagues no matter where you are. Transition naturally from phone call to chat to screen share. We designed 8×8 Work from the ground up, so you can work and collaborate in your own way.

  • Integrate business apps including Microsoft Teams and CRM system with your cloud phone system seamlessly.
  • Support your organization’s business continuity and resilience with 8×8’s secure, fully-redundant data centers.
What Cloud Based Communication - Computers Nationwide 2
Ready to take your communication to the next level?
Is your team having trouble adjusting to new hybrid work situations?
Invest in cloud based phone solutions for your business and trust Computers Nationwide with developing your communication infrastructure.

Let’s work together to transform your workforce. Move conversations to the cloud with CN!

Give us a call today to schedule your consultation: (847) 419-9900

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