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Hands Off Access Control: Embracing a Touchless World

Businesses of every size continue to do their best to survive and thrive during these uncertain times. Many SMBs are coming to terms with the possibility of another wave of COVID, potentially closing down public environments once again. Fortunately, we have all come together to make it through the first unprecedented time of lockdown during the pandemic, and now we know what tools are available for being successful if the situation occurs again.
Over the past year, we’ve all seen how technology has enabled businesses across the globe to get work done efficiently, productively, and most importantly, safely. We’ve entered a touch-free era in not only the business world, but also in many ways in our personal lives as well. There have been countless solutions and devices designed to eliminate the need for making physical contact with objects and other people in order to protect everyone from spreading germs.
Touchless access control systems have been a key component of welcoming employees back to the workplace safely. Touchless security design is not a trend and won’t be going away. If your workplace hasn’t adopted this technology yet, it may be time to reconsider investing in hands-free access control systems and join the brave, new touchless world!
“The global pandemic both accelerated the world’s digital transformation and re-oriented it to a model that reduces or eliminates physical touch-points and in-person contact. Now, the same touch-free trusted-identity technologies that are being used to help re-open the workplace are proliferating across a wide variety of use cases that benefit from the safety, security, convenience and efficiency of contact-free interactions with both the physical and digital worlds.
Touch-free identity technology is being adopted in an extensive variety of enterprise applications, from automating physical distancing and contact tracing protocols to simplifying how users enter secured areas and access print resources and other building services. They also are enabling employees to work securely from home and giving consumers greater confidence in financial transactions ranging from online banking to verifying the authenticity of high-value collectible items at the point of sale.
The New Hybrid Workplace Mobile solutions used for access control and building management are creating safer, more secure, and more convenient experiences in the modern workplace. They are also reinforcing the role of trusted identities as a linchpin for more efficient, touch-free and resilient building environments—especially during the COVID- 19 pandemic.” Security Today
Touch-free conversations are often tied with the need for mobile access solutions. Both of these approaches are ideal choices to reduce hand-to-door making physical contact in high traffic public areas (for example: lobbies, factories, schools, banks, entry ways, offices, and restrooms).
When businesses combine mobile and touchless solutions, they offer an incredible partnership of contactless, easy, and user-friendly access that will assure secure entry and minimize the spread of germs. These systems are designed to increase physical security all while keeping germs at bay…
Examples of hands-free, touchless access control options include:
  • Mobile IDs carried via smartphones instead of touch cards, readers or keypads. Employees scan their smartphone with a reader to open doors, gates and elevators.
  • Using mobile apps or Bluetooth Low Energy to grant touch-free access to time-and-attendance terminals, cashless vending machines, and printers, computers and workstations.
  • Facial recognition terminals that scan an employee’s face to either grant or deny access to a certain area, or as simple as waving a hand at the screen is also a possibility.

Hands-free and mobile access control solutions have the power to give business owners, employees, and visitors peace of mind. Reduce the risk of airborne disease spreading and increase your team’s overall well-being!

Computers Nationwide is here to make sure all Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana businesses are up to date with the latest technology. Let us help you feel confident that your SMB is taking all safety precautions necessary in this climate.

Hands Off Access Control: Embracing a Touchless World - Computers Nationwide
Our partners at Hikvision announce their new line of face recognition terminals…

Efficient, safe, and tech-savvy for management teams! Create a top-notch work environment that features unparalleled security, enhanced efficiency, and advanced technology with Hikvision MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals.

Authorized access has come a long way from using keys, pin codes, cards, and fingerprints. We now find ourselves stepping into the era of face recognition. The use of face recognition in access control and time attendance has been inevitable, which creates advantageous “touch-free” experience. With advanced deep learning technology and practical functions, Hikvision MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals bring better security and improved efficiency to access control and time attendance tracking, making them easier than ever!

To meet a multitude of real-world scenarios and customer needs, the MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals lineup features four total series: Value Series, Pro Series, Ultra Series, and Face Recognition Modules for Turnstile. With powerful functions and competitive prices, the Value Series (DS-K1T341A/DS-K1T331) products have been uniquely designed for SMB scenarios, such as offices and retail shops.

Hands Off Access Control: Embracing a Touchless World - Computers Nationwide

“We see great advantages in the ‘touch-free’ experience that face recognition provides. With advanced deep learning technology and diverse practical functions, we expect that MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals can bring more security and efficiency to our small and medium sized customers, making access control and time attendance much easier,” says Frank Zhang, President of the International Product and Solution Center at Hikvision.

Hikvision MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals are powered by a deep learning algorithm, which increases accuracy of face recognition to over 99% and enhances verification speeds to under 0.2 seconds. The enhanced verification rates and accuracy ensure a pleasant, “touch-free” experience for users – a vast improvement over swiping ID cards or fingerprint scans. Furthermore, MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals perform well in low- and even zero-light environments.

Along with door linkage, MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals can be linked with NVRs for data recording and storage. They can also be linked with network cameras to allow clear video recording of the scene when any pre-set events are triggered. Meanwhile, MinMoe products provide an abundance of third-party integration options for extensive compatibility, allowing quick and cost-effective connections between MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals and customers’ existing door control and attendance systems.

Hands Off Access Control: Embracing a Touchless World - Computers Nationwide
Product Highlights & Benefits

Superior Recognition in Any Environment

  • Accuracy Rate over 99%
  • Recognition Speed under 0.2 Seconds
  • Fast Recognition in Low-light Environments, Even in Complete Darkness

Top Level Security

  • Face Anti-Spoofing Ensures Access Security
  • Data Encryption to Protect Data Privacy

Easy to Manage and Operate

  • Quick and Easy Registration with Various Access Methods
  • Remote Control via Mobile App
  • Convenient Web Configurations

Better Extensibility

  • Linkage with NVRs, Network Cameras, and Indoor Intercom Stations
  • E-Home 5.0 (ISUP 5.0)
  • Abundant third-party integration options
View the brochure to learn more!
Hands Off Access Control: Embracing a Touchless World - Computers Nationwide
No matter how small or large your business is, protecting your workplace with essential solutions from our network partners is vital!
Count on the Computers Nationwide team to set your SMB up with innovative, premier access control systems.
We are proud to serve the technological needs of businesses of all sizes in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Let’s discuss the physical security goals of your workplace environment to determine the best plan of action!

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