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Top Capabilities and Benefits of Video Intercom Systems

All small-medium sized businesses can agree on one thing: safety and security are top priorities! Now that employees are coming back to the shared office and workplaces are opening their doors to customers & clients to meet in-person, making sure your security measures are up to date is a must. Fortunately for SMBs, today’s innovative video security options have elevated beyond basic video cameras, into more advanced technology specific to the needs of your business.

This is a great time for optimizing current (or installing new) visitor management systems to safely monitor the coming and going of people at your workplace. We also recommend taking a look at your access management to see if it still meets the public health & safety needs of today’s complicated world.

Between comprehensive Access Control Systems, Video Intercoms, and Commercial Surveillance, Computers Nationwide is sure we will find the best solution for your workplace!

Security Magazine shares: “In the years following 9/11, office intercom systems transformed from mere communication devices to a vital part of a building’s security infrastructure. They were interfaced with video cameras, access control systems, facial recognition, alarms and alerts, and monitoring systems to safeguard workplaces from intruders and terrorists. Physical security was on top of everyone’s mind. And intercom systems provided an obvious and simple solution.

Fast forward to 2021, and the pandemic is causing another quantum shift in how the world thinks about security. This time around, businesses are responsible for protecting their workplaces and people from an invisible intruder. As SARS-CoV-2 continues to disrupt businesses and economies, video intercom systems are once again on the frontline of security. But this time, the intercom has the force of modern technology on its side.

Gone are the days of fixed intercom systems that consisted of metallic faceplates with a bunch of commonly touched buttons, hardwired into the building and connected via landlines to fixed tenant stations. Todays intercom systems are sleek integrated devices with touchscreen displays, cloud-managed directories, and wireless connectivity. Their modern features make them capable of protecting employees and visitors from seen and unseen threats.”

Visual Intercom Systems - Computers Nationwide
Visual Intercom Systems - Computers Nationwide
Visual Intercom Systems - Computers Nationwide

In this blog, we’re highlighting the key capabilities and top benefits of Video Intercom Systems!

Communication just got more personal, more pleasant, and more technologically advanced than ever before with Video Intercom Systems. You can now see who you’re talking to – whether they’re a client standing at the entrance of your building, staff working a few offices down the hall, or security providing you with important updates. See all that this technology can provide…

Key Capabilities of Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems provide reliable, scalable solutions for what you need, when you need it! Examples of applications include Master Stations, Door Stations (exterior and interior), and Emergency Stations. They also integrate easily with a variety of accessories you use every day and you can watch a live feed on a mobile app!
Take a look at some noteworthy capabilities below…
1. All-in-One Solution. An all-around security solution includes four parts: Video Intercom, Access Control, CCTV, and Intrusion System:
  • The Video Intercom Door Station acts as an additional IP camera within a connected NVR where recordings will also be stored. An additional video surveillance IP camera can be added to an Intercom Indoor Station and viewed on an indoor panel.
  • The Outdoor Intercom Station supports access control functionality, where multiple authentications can be applied. All access control events, including: card number, short video clips, logs, and others will be saved and an in-out report can be generated for these events.
  • Various kinds of detectors or intrusion systems can be connected too, with push notifications to a smart phone app which manages the systems in one place.
2. Access Control and Alarm Function

This video intercom system is designed with access control functions: Visitors can use an access control card at a door station card reader to gain entry. All successful entries using access control cards are automatically visually recorded and can be uploaded to the platform centre. Indoor stations can be connected with sensors for eight zones, and residents can use the indoor station for arming and disarming. In addition, alarm data can be uploaded to the platform centre and the master station.

3. Communication is Made Simple. Communicate smoothly between offices, contact security, and staff:
  • Call Other Offices or Buildings: Easily place calls between offices within the building or between facilities around the world.
  • Protect Stairwells & Outdoor Spaces: Emergency stations in wall boxes and towers can be installed to immediately contact security or 911.
  • Create Self-Service Kiosks: Master stations can be programmed to serve as virtual receptionists in lobbies to assist visitors.
4. Easy to Install, Easy to Manage

Setup is quick and painless: When compared with traditional analog video intercom systems, installation and wiring for digital video intercom systems is much more convenient and flexible. A single network cable provides all the wiring needs, greatly simplifying wiring work. Then, management software can be used across entire system for simple installation and adjustments, making the whole process quick and easy!

5. Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation

Say goodbye to sound interference and difficulties! Noise and echo is one of the most common problems encountered in video intercom systems. During remote intercom connections, when the receiver sound level is up, or the ambient noise is relatively high, the microphone often picks up sounds and creates feedback. The resultant echo affects communication quality. To solve this issue, these intercom products use both hardware and software processing to solve the problems associated with audio processing to implement clear intercom communication between the indoor and outdoor stations and the master station.

6. Seamless Integration. Connect with SIP, VMS Systems, Access Control, and CCTV Cameras…
  • Design the Ultimate Command Center: Using a single master station, systems can be integrated to create a powerful security operations center.
  • SIP Compatible Station: Easily place outside phone calls directly from stations when using a compatible SIP server.
  • Allow Easy Keycard Access: Using stations with built-in card readers, personnel can easily access authorized areas.
7. Superior Technology. Enjoy Clear Audio-Visual Communication:
  • Communicate clearly with noise and echo cancellation
  • Door station camera provides a Full HD, 180° wide field of view
  • See clearly day and night with true WDR and IR night vision
8. Easy to Maintain, Easy to Expand

Access control management, alarm management and querying of various incidents can be performed swiftly via software on the IP intercom system. The intercom system can be managed according to the permissions granted to each user. Batch updating can be used to update the device programs, making system maintenance simple and convenient. With its robust IP framework, the intercom system is easy to expand, supporting a maximum of 1,500 device connections!

Visual Intercom Systems - Computers Nationwide
Visual Intercom Systems - Computers Nationwide
Visual Intercom Systems - Computers Nationwide

Top Benefits of Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom Systems offer a range of benefits for a variety of industries. Whether you work in a small office, bank, healthcare, warehouse, or large campus, these systems provide practical solutions and a feeling of security for a wide range of needs, such as the following…
  1. Crime: The presence of video technology is great for deterring crime, no one wants to be caught on camera. Also helpful for catching vandals & thieves!
  2. Public Health: As we continue to face the global threat of COVID-19, every business needs an access control system to protect the public and help prevent the spread of the virus!
  3. Safety: Easily verify the identity of visitors before they enter the building and discreetly report intruders or security threats. Someone refuses to leave? Just press a button for security to come!
  4. Security: This type of access control increases physical security of your staff, clients, customers, and patients. Have peace of mind deciding who is allowed and where!
  5. Communication: Enjoy improved, instant communication amongst staff, teams, and visitors. Much quicker and more effective than sending emails!
More valuable benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked…
Control: Monitor the safety of your facility at every touch point, around the clock!
  • Identify Visitors at Entrances: Install stations at doors that remain open during the day, but locked at night so visitors can still be granted access.
  • Communicate to Public Areas: Quickly alert people to evacuate the building or create pre-recorded, scheduled announcements.
  • Provide After-Hours Assistance: With stations located around a facility, including entrances, visitors can contact security after hours.
Convenience: Imagine having everything you need in the palm of your hand, wherever you are!

The intercom systems support app access and when the indoor station receives a call, the call data can be sent to the app on your phone! The user can answer a call on the app at any time.

  • When a visitor is welcome, the user can press a button on the app to remotely open the door.
  • The user can access the door station camera for voluntary monitoring.
  • In the case of an unwelcome visitor, the user can remotely ask them to leave.
Cost Effective: These systems deliver increasing value over the lifetime of your investment!

It will save time and money with an overall lower cost of ownership! You can be confident the system will be around and functioning for years to come.

  • Less equipment, lower maintenance costs
  • Products known for their unmatched reliability
  • Easy to learn UI/UX
  • Adaptable to changing technologies

Visual Intercom Systems - Computers Nationwide

Computers Nationwide is Proud to Provide Innovative, High-Quality Video Intercom Systems You Can Trust

We’ve chosen to work with the best network partners to offer clients a wide range of solutions from global industry leaders. Hikvision is a world leading provider of security products and solutions. Featuring an extensive and highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets.
Aiphone is one of the most respected and reliable brands of security communication systems worldwide. Aiphone’s wide selection of security and communication systems give you the protection you need, no matter where you are. We design systems for clients in a variety of industries, keeping your unique challenges and needs at top of mind.
“Access management using video intercom has been a growing trend throughout the past few years. COVID-19 kickstarted the rapid growth of the industry as it has highlighted the necessity of access entry systems that not only prioritize security but the health of occupants as well. As we’ve seen, making sure facilities maintain healthy practices is just as important as protecting physical security. With that, we get a glimpse into the future of secure access control solutions.” Security Magazine

Improve your facility communications with innovative Video Network-Based Intercom Systems from our partners at Hikvision and Aiphone. This technology allows for facial recognition, health screening, and touchless entry – all necessary for a healthy building in today’s climate! Learn more about Video Intercom Systems and Access Control Solutions on our website!

As your preferred Managed Service Provider, CN wants to make sure your business is prepared to welcome back your staff and visitors for a safe return!

Ready to add a new level of safety to your environment? The Computers Nationwide team will assess your current infrastructure, customize a solution to fit your specific needs, and provide complete installation services.

Give us a call to schedule your consultation: (847) 419-9900

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