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Future Proofing Your Security Strategy in 2023

While cyber attacks are (always) on the rise, so are the threats to physical safety. We’ve seen a surge in physical violence at schools, vandalism to places of worship, and more theft targeting local businesses. And let’s not forget about the increase in workplace violence. Security and safety have undoubtedly become a priority across all industries. No matter the size of your company, it’s safe to say all businesses need to up their game in the new year.

“Last year, 28% of businesses reported an increase, matching 2021 and up from 20% in 2020. When it comes to crime in the coming year, 29% believe security incidents will continue to increase in 2023, up from about 27% entering 2022.” Security Sales

Proactivity is the best approach. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before taking action. Have you set security initiatives for a stronger, safer new year? Do you have a plan for protecting your business from emerging threats –  coming from all angles? The start of a new year offers every SMB an opportunity to return better than ever.

Now is the time to implement innovative strategies and modern, secure protocols to safeguard your physical premises and assets, as well as protecting your people. As we head to the new year, let’s see how you can prepare for success. Whether you run a university, bank, hospital, or office, risk mitigation will be a common denominator across all industries.

Read on to learn how you can secure your workplace and invest in safety by future-proofing your technology…

Future Proofing Your Security Strategy in 2023 - Computers Nationwide

Future Proofing Your Security Strategy in 2023

Before we dive into the “how”, it’s important to understand the “why”. Below we summarize the state of security technology and why businesses need to evolve their strategies to keep up with these emerging trends.

Why are so many businesses reporting an increase in physical security incidents? According to a recent survey, these are the top reasons for social unrest:

  • the state of the economy
  • supply chain issues
  • security guard shortage
  • inflation and fears of recession
The Need for Physical and Digital Security Convergence

These days, businesses can’t afford to rely on outdated technology and old security methods. In this digital world, cyber security and physical security are no longer two separate thoughts or entities – they must be intertwined. It’s nearly impossible to separate physical security from digital security. Technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud solutions create a convergence that combines physical and digital security.

In fact, the adoption of cloud-based technology across all business sectors continues to rise. Recent data indicates that over the past year, 69% of companies have either started or continued migrating their IT systems to the cloud, including increased migration to cloud-based camera systems.

Another example, a cloud-based security system may have the ability to lock and unlock physical doors automatically. HVAC systems can also be managed in order to maintain an optimal temperature within your business office. Even camera surveillance systems can be effectively monitored.

A converged physical and digital security system unblurs the lines regarding which security elements fall under the jurisdiction of each security team. With a modern, converged physical and digital security system, a business can provide a future-proof security strategy that supports IoT and cloud-based technologies across the company.

Future Proofing Your Security Strategy in 2023 - Computers Nationwide
An Overview of the Top Security Trends to Expect in 2023

According to BusinessWire: “While the after-effects of the pandemic, regional conflicts and an uncertain economy present many challenges, business owners will find encouraging information in the ‘2023 Trends in Video Surveillance’ report. Many of the 2023 trends are driven by recent introductions of cloud + AI technology that are being rapidly adopted by businesses, schools and organizations across APAC, EMEA and North America. A common denominator in 2023 will be affordable, easy-to-use technology that gives an insight into operations.”

The top five video surveillance trends for 2023 are:

  • Businesses are budgeting for video surveillance platforms that are AI-ready and future-proof.
  • Businesses want solutions that reduce operating costs.
  • Parking is being universally automated.
  • Schools are experimenting with security technologies to enhance safety.
  • Convenient and continuous customer support saves time and manpower

Other report findings include:

  • Organizations see significant theft levels: When it comes to the type of incidents impacting businesses most, almost half (48%) say theft is to blame.
  • Physical security incidents impact business: 40% of respondents reported project delays and 25% reported that their cash flow has taken a hit.
  • Security leaders respond to safety incidents: In the face of steady & rising physical security incidents, 58% of respondents indicated that they have changed their security strategy.

Future Proofing Your Security Strategy in 2023 - Computers Nationwide

3 Steps to Future Proofing Your Security Strategy

How does your business plan to combat security staff shortages, the effects of social unrest, and insider threats in the New Year? Future-proofing your security means investing in modern technology that will offer your workplace continuous security and safety – even as your business grows. Adopting an integrated approach to security that intertwines this technology with your IT and cybersecurity is crucial.

Let’s make sure your employees feel safe at work, your assets are secure, and that your customers are protected. Take a look at three action steps your organization can take to future proof your security strategy in 2023:

1. Conduct a Thorough Security Audit

Outdated security practices alone have proven to be ineffective at crime prevention and deterring violence. These days, the best security strategy is a holistic one. That means it entails several levels of protection and various technologies that all work together seamlessly.

Not sure where to start to what needs improving? That’s where a security audit comes in handy. A security audit helps you understand your current security landscape more deeply. A detailed security audit can identify gaps, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and other areas that need more attention. Starting with an audit will help establish a baseline to grow from and get you started moving in the right direction.

2. Invest in the Right Technology

Every business has different needs and goals for their security. Are you more concerned with protecting physical assets, such as a jewelry store, or are you worried about securing access to protect your employees from an intruder? Once you’ve established the most important goals, it’s easier to identify which technology makes the most sense.

Investing in practical equipment is key to future proofing your security strategy. Having one security camera and security guard at the entrance isn’t enough anymore. The strongest building security measures cover all angles. For example: automated visitor check ins, access control solutions, motion sensors, smart locks, surveillance cameras with live monitoring and AI facial recognition, video intercoms, turnstiles, security guards, alert notification systems, and more.

Here are some new security technologies that companies are investing in:

  • Smart Desk Management: With remote and hybrid work opportunities on the rise, companies no longer need large office spaces. Some have cut down to a limited amount of desks and equipment, with employees having the option of booking their desks when they need the office premises. They can see when and what desks are available and choose accordingly. Smaller businesses can consider renting a co-working space like Industrious or WeWork in order to save money on leasing an entire office space.
  • Wellness Controls: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health and maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for people to work. Automated wellness and health controls manage the internal environment of the building, optimizing it for the efficient performance of the employees.
  • Visitor Authentication and Management: Facial recognition is a form of access control that ensures only authorized people get access to the building., This greatly enhances security and saves the company from potential breaches. Visitor management systems enhance workplace efficiencies by analyzing what areas and equipment are used, by whom and when allowing you to find ways to optimize work efficiency.
3. Partner with a Security Services Provider

As physical threats continue to emerge, it’s important to make sure you have all your bases covered. Having any blind spots or gaps in security leaves too much at risk! That’s why it’s important to partner with an experienced security solution provider. Technology will keep evolving at a rapid pace and it’s vital for your business to keep up.

To do so, you need a trusted Managed Service Provider that offers the modern, integrated approach to security that your workplace is looking for. As your business changes and evolves with the world around it, an MSP like Computers Nationwide can help you evolve with it. We’ll make sure your business is protected from all angles with the most effective solutions for your unique needs.

At CN, we know how important it is to be proactive in protecting your employees, your company, and your clients – from physical and digital threats. That’s why we offer comprehensive Cyber Security, Managed IT, and Physical Security solutions. Whether your plan will involve migrating to the cloud, adopting smart building protocols, installing remote-accessible AI video surveillance technology, integrating touchless access control systems, or a visitor management tool, we can do it all!

Our expert team will evaluate your current security set up and IT infrastructure to identify areas that need to be improved. We’ll recommend the best plan of action that meets your goals and budget. From there we will carry out everything from installation to implementation and training.

From small businesses to large enterprises, no project is too small or too large for us to handle. We’re truly your one-stop-shop for all of your security technology needs!
Technology is complex and can be time-consuming. Let us remove this from your to-do list so you can focus on running your business smoothly.
Do you need help figuring out what your SMB needs to focus on in 2023?
We can determine the best IT, safety, and cyber security goals for your workplace!

Contact us today to get started: (847) 419-9900

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