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Working with a Vendor Agnostic Technology Advisor

Choosing the best Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be overwhelming. There are so many choices in today’s marketplace, how do you know who will make your business’ best interests a priority? Are all MSP’s created equally? Do they truly offer the best solution for the situation, or do they solely recommend 3rd parties they stand to profit from the most?

A vendor agnostic company is one that is open to all viable and established solutions with the correct support infrastructure in place to support their customer or prospect. Simply put, a vendor agnostic company is not contractually obligated to work with a specific manufacturer.

When your trusted technology advisor is vendor agnostic like Computers Nationwide, solutions are more flexible and communication is streamlined. This provides an easier path towards personalized strategies for your company. There are plenty more benefits to working with a vendor agnostic technology advisor such as Computers Nationwide! Let’s talk about it…

Top 10 Benefits of Working with a Vendor Agnostic Trusted Technology Advisor
  1. Access to over 200 provider options: You’ll get the best provider options for your company’s needs. We will recommend the best telecom and cloud-based providers depending on their strengths and your specific needs.
  2. Single point of contact: You only need to reach out to one person if you have questions, need help with pricing, and to simplify the buying process. You’ll get less finger pointing and fewer headaches.
  3. No pressure from a quota-based provider salesperson: Going direct to a provider often means dealing with a sales rep. A trusted technology advisor has no quotas to fill, so their recommendations are unbiased.
  4. Obtain personalized strategy & solution planning: Get help building a strategy from a seasoned expert who can pinpoint the best pricing and architect solutions. We thoroughly construct a plan for your company to ensure your customers get the best terms.
  5. Develop a long-term relationship: Provider sales reps frequently jump companies, while trusted technology advisors are vested in their own businesses. No more turnover-related hassles.
  6. Acquire greater leverage: The best technology advisors develop strong relationships with providers which comes in handy when negotiating contracts and managing escalations.
  7. Gain a trusted advisor: We act as an extension of your team and business, guiding you with recommendations tailored specifically to your company’s goals.
  8. Recover lost hours: By outsourcing your Cloud & telecom projects, you will regain all those painful hours you would have spent strategizing, vetting various providers, and negotiating contracts yourself.
  9. Focus on what you do best: Let us take care of the projects and research you don’t want to do. Focus on what you do best! Adding another expert to your team will increase your peace of mind.
  10. Stay cutting-edge on technology: We are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of the constantly revolving door that is Cloud and telecom technologies including: unified communications as a service (UCaaS), contact center as a service (CCaaS), and voice over internet protocol (VOIP). We will help point you in the right direction on each and every project.
Working with a vendor agnostic technology advisor - Computers Nationwide
Step Away from Telecom and IT, Transition the Focus on Running Your Business

Communications and IT services are more complex than ever, with numerous suppliers offering everything from bandwidth and backups to Software-as-a-Service and all things cloud. Different industries – Legal, Medical, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial and Education – all have various requirements dictated by legal, logistical and nature of enterprise. That’s without considering scale, number of locations and network/remote working considerations. At Computers Nationwide, we identify and deliver to you:

  • Which provider(s) are the best fit: by product, region, technology, application
  • Best pricing: costs vary wildly, even within each provider’s portfolio
  • Compatibility: which solutions and services work best together
  • Ongoing management, tasks & upkeep: we can be your IT support, or department

Computers Nationwide is immersed in telecom and expert IT services on a daily basis. We know which providers are best for your needs. We can prevent you from paying too much, and make sure you get the most value for your expenditure. Eliminate IT headaches, and focus on your business, confident that an independent expert is making sure you always have the best service at the best price. We have a 5 point process to accomplish this goal…

The Computers Nationwide 5 Point Process
  1. Assess your needs
  2. Audit current bills and services
  3. Identify best-in-class solutions
  4. Provide unbiased recommendations
  5. Deliver ongoing services management
Benefits of Partnering with Computers Nationwide
  • Access off-book rates from over 200 providers: When we submit quote requests as your independent auditor and advocate, providers deliver aggressive, custom quotes for your business (typical audit savings = 20-30%)
  • Always vendor neutral: We grow, maintain and refine a massive portfolio of providers for one reason – to make sure you always have access to best-in-class solutions
  • Single point of contact for all things telecom, data and cloud: We offer white glove treatment, including post-install service and support, and ongoing service and contract audits.
“The team at Computers Nationwide is always proactive in thinking of what is best for our company. They offer a broad range of services and their staff is responsive and knowledgeable. I encourage you to contact them to find out for yourself what a great partner they will be.” – Client Testimonial

Partnering with Computers Nationwide will grant your workplace various IT management benefits. Spend less time worrying about your technical solutions and more time running your business! We work to provide custom-fit solutions for each of our clients’ individual needs. Our vendor agnostic approach ensures you aren’t pigeon-holed into one service provider. We understand that what works for other businesses might not work for yours. Computers Nationwide acts as a liaison between you and the vendors you need to operate your business efficiently.

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