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Toshiba Phone Systems Have Reached “End of Life”

“On March 21, 2017, Authorized Toshiba Dealers received e-mails stating “We regret to inform you, that as part of its continuing global restructuring, Toshiba Corporation has deemed it necessary to wind-down our Telecommunications Systems Division (TSD) business starting immediately.” Toshiba’s 250 dealers, with over 500 offices were stunned, since TSD had operated in the U.S. since 1975 and was in the top 3 market share for small to medium sized business telephone systems for decades. Dealers were told orders could be submitted until May 22nd, providing just a two-month notice of shutting down.

Then, on May 11th, Mitel confirmed it would acquire this business from Toshiba. Mitel reordered equipment to replenish inventory and all of Toshiba’s product line was again available for new orders – or so it seemed.

Mitel has announced a “Phase Out Plan” for Toshiba CIX and IPedge product lines, with an “End of New Systems Sales” date of October 31, 2018. Add-on hardware, such as phones and cards, will be available until the “End of Add-On Sales” date of October 31, 2019, with an “End of Technical Support” date of October 31, 2021.

This means that new Toshiba equipment will only be available from Mitel for the next year, pending product availability. This also means Technical Support from Toshiba/Mitel will only be available for another three years. After that, there will no longer be any factory support for Toshiba telephone systems. While this does not mean they will quit working, it does mean that support will be more difficult.”

Toshiba phone systems are end of life and will not be supported any longer. Does your business use Toshiba? No reason to worry – If you have a Toshiba system, call Computers Nationwide and we can help you get your phone system replaced: 847-419-9900!


Computers Nationwide is partnered with industry leaders to ensure that clients are provided with the highest quality telecommunication services. When you are in need of a new system, we will work directly with the service providers to ensure all circuits and phone lines are set up correctly to prevent future problems.
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