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The Launching Pad For Your Child’s Future: Summer Tech Bootcamps in Illinois

It’s always amazing how the school year seems to become shorter and shorter each year!  We are fortunate that the Chicagoland area offers a plethora of day, week and immersion tech bootcamps where kids can explore, build, and create beyond their wildest dreams this summer.

Implementing the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) foundation, various innovative curriculum unlock the imagination in children as young as pre-K and continue through high school age students.

We are excited to share our Top 6 Picks for Summer Tech Bootcamps in Illinois:

Camp Noggin Builders (K-8th and 3-5 years old) (Northbrook, IL)

One week programs to enhance creative problem solving, critical thinking with themes such as Robotics, Science of Art, Architecture and Secret Codes & Ciphers.

Galileo Innovation Camps for Kids and Summer Quest (5th-8th) (Chicago, IL & Suburbs)

Summertime silliness is backed by thoughtful curriculum and an audacious educational approach that inspires younger kids to become bold, visionary innovators. Older students spend one week immersed in designing their own video games, signature dishes, websites and more, campers learn to celebrate their most epic fails and coolest creations.

Girls Who Want To Code (10th-11th) (Throughout America)

Free 7 week immersive project based learning program that teaches coding through real-world projects in art and storytelling, robotics, video games, websites, apps with some of the top tech companies and female engineers.

The Launching Pad For Your Child’s Future: Summer Tech Bootcamps - Computers Nationwide

Harper College NBT Manufacturing Camps (High School) (Palatine, IL)

Nuts, Bolts & Thingamagigs teaches CAD design and various kinds of manufacturing. Field trips include visits to local manufacturing facilities to learn about the skills and training required for jobs. Local business owners will share their wisdom and experience.

Illinois Institute of Technology (Middle and High School)

Students interested in technology, business, architecture, science, engineering, or computers are eligible to enroll to “get your geek on”. Some programs offer academic credit.

Oakton Community College (Ages 8-12)  (Skokie & Des Plaines, IL)

Half and full day programs which include making 3D video games, Minecraft camps, 3D printing, robotics, virtual reality, code breakers and more.

Bonus: Here is an awesome guide for girls only STEM camps

Experiencing a summer coding immersion class or a tech boot camp offers a great opportunity to discover if your daughter or son has the aptitude, desire and passion for a career in computers. Imagine them with a jump start in programmingweb design, managed IT services or commercial surveillance specialist. They might end up as an engineer or technician on our team at Computers Nationwide. Let’s ignite passion in our children and students this summer!

Let’s get coding!

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