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3 Ways to Protect Your Business this Holiday Season

Consumer spending is expected to be up nearly 4% throughout this holiday season. Employees’ smiles light up the stores as they greet customers in hope of increased sales and profits. One key to winning the holiday madness is making sure your business has heightened security measures in place for this busy time. “Consumer shoplifting and employee theft abound during the holiday season, often thanks to crowded stores, stressed employees working long holiday hours and an influx of seasonal workers.” Don’t become a statistic!

Computers Nationwide suggests 3 Ways to Protect Your Business this Holiday Season:

Commercial Surveillance

Does your company have a trustworthy commercial video surveillance system in place? Security camera systems are the greatest prevention against crime in the workplace. Our team specializes in Hikvision security which is the worldwide leader in video surveillance technology.

Commercial surveillance provides complete video records of what takes place at your business location:

  • The ability to monitor the business location, inside and outside, remotely via a mobile device or computer
  • Increase in staff efficiency, quality control, and reduce employee theft
  • The ability to use the video evidence for a potential criminal investigation
  • Halt theft from outsiders
  • Peace of mind knowing your company’s assets are protected

Protect Your Business this Holiday Season - Computers Nationwide

Check Your Alarm Systems

Does your business operate with an alarm system? Alarm systems protect business assets, property, workers and data. If you have an alarm, when was the last time you had it tested?

Alarm systems have multiple cost saving benefits:

Increasing Staff for the Season

“Hire enough employees to provide your customers with personal attention during the busy holiday season. Also, be sure to train all employees in shoplifting and employee theft prevention and detection.”

As you assemble the holiday team, remember these tips:

  • Hire early!
  • Communicate key dates and set a schedule with team
  • Train staff old and new. Checklists are are ideal tools for simplification.
  • Learn more here.

Anticipating the holiday rush ahead might cause you & your employees some anxiety; however sleepless nights are greatly reduced when you protect your business with the best security systems in place. Computers Nationwide will put your mind to ease with excellent technology systems and above all our friendly, attentive customer service. Are you interested in our services?  We are ready to help!

Here’s to a successful & safe holiday season!

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