NEW Hikvision Turbo HD Solution

The Latest HD Solution from Hikvision

Computers Nationwide is excited to introduce the newest technology of the Hikvision product line, HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface). The introduction of HD-TVI provides users with the option of delivering a high definition, high quality solution on a new or existing CCTV install with very easy setup that will ultimately save both time and money. This latest innovation in HD transmission offers the same plug and play install process associated with a standard analog system, but is capable of delivering up to 1080P resolution using conventional RG59 coax cable.

HD-TVI is an analog format that does not experience any image delays that can be found with IP systems. Another major advantage of this system is that HD-TVI will transmit 1080P up to 1500 feet.

The ability to use HD-TVI on existing coax infrastructure allows for systems to be easily upgraded. All TVI DVRs will accept both SD analog and TVI cameras for full hybrid functionality. Each camera comes with built in IR for low light illumination and all 1080P models are equipped with wide dynamic range.

Computers Nationwide - Hikvision Turbo HD Solution

Benefits of Using Computers Nationwide to Install Your New Hikvision Turbo HD System

  1. COST FRIENDLY: we can use traditional coax cable for transmission, no need to replace any infrastructure
  2. Turbo system can achieve transmissions from up to 1500′ cable distances
  3. No image delay
  4. All Hikvisions 1080P cameras include a standard analog output for easy setup to traditional test monitors.
  5. Traditional plug and play install provides for less setup procedures and costs to get cameras setup with DVR
  6. All Hikvision TVI DVRs support either TVI or standard analog cameras which makes the system a true hybrid allowing more flexibility for installation
  7. Highly efficient storage
  8. Computers Nationwide’s experienced installers will make the installation process quick and easy and an overall simple procedure for your business.

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