Computers Nationwide - Designing & Installing a Surveillance System: Important Factors to Consider

Designing & Installing a Surveillance System: Important Factors to Consider

What is the Goal?

Surveillance systems are used by businesses for many different reasons. Without a doubt, the most common reason for a company to implement a surveillance system is to protect their assets. Business owners have a desire to monitor what is going on in and around their buildings and properties. Whether it be to prevent intruders from entering the facilities or to keep an eye on all the employees, surveillance systems are critical for business owners. So, once a business owner realizes the need for a surveillance system.

What is the next step? Well, there are many questions they must ask themselves first. For instance, what is the main purpose of installing the cameras? What areas are most important to monitor? What type of cameras will you use? What DVR will be used? These are just some of the questions an owner must ask themselves before going forward with the installation process.

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Important Factors

Without question, the most important aspects of your CCTV system is where and how you choose to mount your cameras. Choosing a poor location will immediately put your system in a position to be far less effective than it would otherwise be. Choosing the right location is sometimes even more important than the type of cameras you choose to purchase.

The first factor to consider when beginning the installation process is the location of the cameras. To pick the most effective position to place a camera you often must think like a criminal. Figure out what areas of your facility are most vulnerable to intruders. Remember, if you are focused on protecting your building, you most keep in mind that the front door is not the only place a criminal could intrude. If your building has windows, you need to consider this. To be most effective, be sure you will be able to monitor all possible entrances into your building.

A second important factor that an installer must consider is the amount of light in the area being monitored. Cameras, dome cameras in particular, are very sensitive to light. Very low amounts of light and too much light is never a good thing for a dome camera. The perfect area would be an area of medium light. A good example of this is the light received from a street light or indirect sunlight. Also, when installing, be sure not to place it near a light you have in your building. Doing so will cause the camera to continue searching for the best focus leading to poor visibility of the area.

Finally, be sure you install your cameras in an area that will give your cameras less of a chance to be tampered with. Most surveillance cameras are not that complex and could be tampered with or broken by any intruder. A good way to prevent this is by placing your cameras up high or on a pole somewhere that an intruder would have a difficult time getting to.

Computers Nationwide - Surveillance System Important Factors

A Plan for Success!

As mentioned above, installing a surveillance system can be a very complex procedure. The way in which you install your cameras can often times be even more important than what cameras you decide to purchase. A good way to avoid having a non effective surveillance system is to find a good company that will give you much detail on how the cameras should be installed. For a free consultation and advice, contact Computers Nationwide. Computers Nationwide has much experience and is dedicated to providing business owners the best results when it comes to their surveillance system. Be sure to do you research and gain some knowledge to best protect your assets.

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