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Access Controls: Maximizing Security

At Computers Nationwide, we want to help customers maximize the security of their company with Access Control Systems. Tracking the whereabouts of people within your facility and secured areas can address security concerns, protect private data and help avoid legal liabilities. We offer state-of-the art Access Control Systems help ensure that only the right people have access to the appropriate places. While we use multiple systems depending on the company’s requirements, Hikvision and Geovision are industry leaders providing premier systems for this network environment.

Door Access Control System Benefits:

  • Multilevel administration access. Program your system to allow certain users to enter specific areas at specified times
  • Visual map interface provides you with capability to color-code badges that readily identify visitors, temps, contractors, or full-time employees
  • IP camera and VMS integration which allows the capability to connect and coordinate with video surveillance, time & attendance recording, and control of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking for time and attendance
  • Incident notification and and scheduled reporting
  • 3rd party integration & database synchronization
  • Manage multiple locations from a single platform
  • Emergency access management
  • Support web-interface and mobile access
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Cybersecurity continues to rapidly evolve, Computers Nationwide places security of our customers and their companies first. Industries that are best served by implementing an access control system are: Office buildings, banks, education communities, warehouse, healthcare facilities, factories, and even employee parking lots. Our Access Control Systems are easy-to-use, video-integrated, and networked access control solution suitable for home, small businesses and even multinational enterprises. The comprehensive management software package can be seamlessly integrated with DVR, NVR ,VMS and IP products to provide easy access to both live and recorded video from any access event.

Ready to increase your asset protection? We will assess your current infrastructure, customize a solution to fit your particular needs, and provide complete installation services. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today!

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