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The Future of Business Communication is Here with UCaaS

In today’s technological landscape, the need for innovative cloud communication has grown exponentially. The increase in remote work, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, and integrating VoIP & telephony services has created a large push towards Unified Communications as a Service for both external and internal business communication. The days of relying on a desk phone no longer does the trick as video meetings and quick texts are the new norm.
Our partners at 8×8 share: “Streamlined technology is the catalyst for productivity. Sadly, most remote workers do not currently feel connected or collaborative in their current environment. A recent study looking at the impact of remote work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic found that roughly 54% of respondents said their primary challenge in working from home was feeling disconnected or alone.” Are your employees asking for a better method of communication?
In this word of constantly moving pieces and changing technology, can we make any predictions about where enterprise communications might be headed? “The COVID-19 pandemic has not only turned the business world on its head, it’s upended the whole world. As a result, we’re seeing digital workplace transformation being implemented more quickly than anticipated, making the future of business communications increasingly mobile, agile and connected.” Verizon

Is your company prepared for the future of business communications?

Addoring to Markets and Markets: “Nowadays, most of the organizations are offering flexible working conditions such as work from home for their employees to increase productivity. Cloud collaboration has enabled the enterprises to save significant costs and ensure updated communication with the employees working in remote locations. As multiple users can edit, comment, share, upload, and perform numerous tasks at the same time, the enterprises can save significant amount of time and costs which was incurred in the on-premises model. These solutions enable employees to reply via telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, and others even while travelling, further improving the productivity.

As the communication and collaboration has become easier among employees, the enterprises have become more agile, productive, and innovative. Thus, productive workforce generates positive results and help in quick business decision making. Factor such as increased productivity and reduced costs has enabled the enterprises to adopt the cloud collaboration solutions for better outcome. This has provided the service providers to focus on the cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions and drive this market in long-run.”

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS, otherwise known as Unified Communications as a Service, is a quickly growing market! These internet-based tools gives the user the same experience from the desktop to mobile keeping work moving effortlessly. Send and receive calls, instant messages and video calls from any device – keeping all communications in the same location. Read our blog Working Remotely? Communicating from Home is Easy with UCaaS!

In the past few years, the tech market has trended towards offering everything as a managed service. We are confident that this trend will only continue in popularity in 2021 and going forward as UCaaS has proven to be a vital solution in the challenging times of COVID-19.

The Future of Communication is Here with UCaaS - Computers Nationwide
VM Blog shares insights about this service and why more companies will adopt these communication solutions going forward:

“The concept of unified communications has been around for a while, but delivering unified communications as a service is much newer. Products such as Microsoft Teams are only a few years old, but they suddenly gained massive relevancy in 2020. Being able to provide remote access to your company’s entire suite of communication software has become very attractive in 2020, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. Here are the top 3 reasons why UCaaS will be important in 2021 and beyond.

1. Remote working

2020 brought about a dramatic shift to the way we work. Many more of us are now working remotely and, despite hopes of a vaccine, some companies have already announced they’re planning to continue working remotely into 2021. This makes UCaaS all the more attractive because the cloud-based nature of it enables employees to connect from anywhere, including at home. This importantly includes all aspects of company communications, including telephony, video conferencing, emails and more.

For example, sales staff can now conduct client pitches and meetings through videoconferencing tools provided by a company’s UCaaS platform. These video conferencing tools are reliable and scalable – whether a meeting has 5, 50 or 500 in attendance. In a world where in-person sales meetings and conferences are not always possible, UCaaS is helping businesses to keep businesses going.

Companies have had to adapt to remote working, and UCaaS software has likewise been rapidly evolving in order to meet demand. Remote working is likely to become much more common in 2021 than any previous year, and even after the pandemic, many employers and employees may choose to continue to work remotely.

2. Device agnosticism is the way forward

UCaaS delivers everything, from file sharing to video conferencing, all under one roof. These capabilities are becoming increasingly device-agnostic. What this means is that staff members can use most (or all) facets of the UCaaS toolset from any device. Most functionality, from editing company documents to voice calls and online conferences, can all be accessed from virtually any device. Whether staff members have a phone, tablet, or desktop PC, all communication tools are available to them.

This hardware flexibility enables companies to offer their staff the full suite of communication tools, using either their existing devices or with a much smaller hardware budget than before. The cloud-based nature of the software also means that staff members are not tied down to a specific location in order to be able to complete a specific task. UCaaS allows for individuals to open up company documents, edit them in real-time while collaborating with others, and keep up with client correspondence, all while working from home or while travelling.

Simplifying a company’s necessary hardware and granting employees access to the entire communication toolkit from a single device is hugely attractive to companies. Expect dedicated devices to continue to lose relevancy in 2021 as device-agnostic UCaaS software becomes more popular.

3. Regulatory compliance

Another issue for companies to consider is the regulatory landscape, both as it stands at the moment, and as it looks to continue into 2021 and beyond. In recent years, there has been a trend towards giving consumers more control over their data. Legislation, such as GDPR in the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US, has given consumers more rights over how their data is processed and stored by companies.

Both GDPR and the CCPA give consumers the right to demand that a company offer up all of the data it holds on them. This could represent a significant undertaking for companies running their own UC set up, as data may be held across many disparate locations and storage mediums. Not only does using UCaaS help silo company communication data, but the responsibility of developing tools to keep in compliance with legislation is offloaded to the service provider. This helps keep companies compliant with relevant data regulations at no additional overheard.

There is little doubt that in 2021 and beyond, more countries will enact legislation that seeks to control how companies store and process private data. UCaaS allows for at least some of this responsibility to be offloaded from the company and on to the service provider.”

Moving Forward with the Latest Communication Solutions

While COVID-19 has been devastating, it has positively impacted our technological landscape. The pandemic’s sudden push to remote work has forced a mass digital transformation that would’ve otherwise taken years to get to where we are now. SMB’s and large enterprises alike have seen how UCaaS has increased productivity and improved team communication and collaboration.

The one-size-fits-all approach is outdated. With UCaaS, your business can pick and choose which plans and features you’d like based on your company’s specific needs! other benefits include budget friendly pricing, minimal setup, connectivity options, and the ability to choose your devices.

Computers Nationwide works with partners such as Broadvoice, 8×8, and Microsoft to offer our clients cutting-edge, reliable business solutions. We assure you our team will make your move to Unified Communications a seamless one!

The CN team wants to make sure you’re using the best communication technology in the market today. Interested in leveling up in the new year? Let’s connect: (847) 419-9900.

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