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The Best Security Tips to Protect Your Family (and Business) This Holiday Season

Computers Nationwide loves celebrating the holiday season! With convenient online shopping, sending gifts across the country, and throwing holiday parties, it’s important to keep your private data and assets safe while enjoying the festivities. Typically the holiday months are the perfect invitation for credit card scams, mobile hacking and package theft. Police Departments recommend stepping up both home and business safety. 

Businesses and families alike can benefit from using these security tips at work and at home…

Securing Your Identity
  • Only use EMV or chip-enabled cards.
  • Update your passwords this month. Only 25-percent of smartphone owners change their passwords. The more creative and complicated you make them, the harder it is for cyber criminals to steal your information.
  • Smartphones are computers, use a strong alpha numeric passcode lock and set up remote swipe.
  • Keeping your software updated assures that the most recent security issues (such as viruses) have been addressed and when you shop online, your information is safe and secure.
Monitoring Financial Activity
  • Use a credit card rather than a debit card
  • Check your credit card statements and credit reports, especially during high-volume shopping periods like the holiday season. Remaining vigilant and inquiring about any suspicious activity will likely deter the theft before it escalates.
  • Stores love to incentify their customers during the holiday with opening a store credit card and then being rewarded with discounts. Don’t become a victim by falling for this ploy. Seasonal employees don’t usually undergo thorough background checks so you might be sharing your information freely with people who might not be trustworthy!
Package Delivery
  • Set up delivery at secure location so someone is able to retrieve them immediately. Often, packages are able to be delivered at your office or to a trusted neighbor.
  • Opt in to text message delivery alerts for when packages arrive.
  • Install home security cameras or set up a commercial surveillance system at your workplace. The benefits out weigh the cost as the cameras will provide an image of suspects and vehicle descriptions, as well as year round surveillance to give you a peace of mind.
Authorized Access
  • Install a door access control system. This way you won’t have to worry about strangers wandering around sensitive information during office holiday parties.
  • Are you hosting a big party? Make sure to block off certain areas or lock the doors that are off limits to guests.
  • Keep valuable items hidden in a safe.

If you have any other questions about Commercial Surveillance , Managed IT , Access Controls, or other ways to increase your company’s security, please contact us.

We are thankful for your business. Wishing you and your family a Happy (and Secure) Holiday Season!

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