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Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems

Low-voltage cabling systems are the technology of the future. Why? Structured cabling delivers the best business performance, enable growth, and help you expand as you grow.

Is your “high speed” internet actually slowing you down? Do you wish you had a simpler wiring solution that’s easier to manage? Or maybe your cabling network is old and needs a makeover…

If you can relate to any of these business challenges and are wondering whether you should make the switch, read on!

What Are Low Voltage Cabling Systems

Low voltage cabling or structured cabling systems are wired systems carrying 50 volts or less. Most buildings today, commercial or otherwise, contain intricate wiring systems for data, WiFi, telephone as well as video, audio, and computer networking systems. This digital technology is best served with structured cabling systems.

Structured cabling that supports digital devices and technology is different from the standard electrical wiring which transmits 120V or 240V. Installing structured cabling delivers optimal performance if it is designed well. Computers Nationwide understands how important it is to have your cabling network plan complement the unique business needs of your business.

Why Structured Cabling?

In a world where wireless is king and continues to reign, why would businesses seek low voltage wiring? The answer is simple – low voltage wiring is superior. This energy-efficient solution is simpler and more streamlined than traditional cabling. The digital technologies in place can be served easily and efficiently even when spread across buildings or multiple locations.

Data transfers are smoother and faster on structured cabling systems as compared to others, making them the best option for businesses and workplaces. With a CAGR of 6.7% between 2018 to 2026, the industry is on the rise, and rightly so. Wondering why it is growing so rapidly? The answer lies in the benefits the technology lends. Here are some of them.


Benefits of Structured Cabling

Whatever has your business all twisted up, Computers Nationwide will untangle those wires with our Low-Voltage Cabling solutions. Here are just a few key benefits listed below…

Easy to Manage

Structured cabling systems are undoubtedly one of the most effective systems to install for your business. This is because they are multiple ways to install, maintain and manage them. Not only that, they are also extremely easy to use.


Adaptability is one of the key features of this technology, which also makes it popular with businesses. Structured cabling has the capability of meeting your present needs as well as having room to accommodate future needs.

As your business grows, you will need extra capacity to meet growing workplace demands. With low-voltage wiring in place, you can regularly upgrade your telecommunication system without having to revamp your current system. Additionally, it is also easier to move these systems and reinstall them at your new premises when you move the business.

Less Downtime

It is harder to identify and resolve issues with unorganized cabling systems in place. When an issue occurs, troubleshooting and resolution can take a lot of time, resulting in greater downtime for your systems. This can be avoided with structured cabling in place. It is organized and easy to maintain, leading to more effective digital solutions for the workplace.


Installing a structured cabling system is a clear win for your business in terms of cost-effectiveness. Regular repairs and resolution of problems are easier without too much additional cost. The smooth connectivity and uninterrupted data supply increase the efficiency of your business systems and processes. With the optimally designed system in place, your business can continue to meet its current and future needs without incurring regular costs.

Supports Applications

Low-voltage cabling pairs smoothly with other systems, creating an ideal business environment. The latest systems also offer greater accessibility to new business systems. If you wish to add any new applications to the workplace, they can be easily aligned with the existing systems. The upgrade is relatively inexpensive and very few interruptions take place for the older systems.

Enhanced Flexibility

The structured cabling system technology is highly flexible in accommodating new additions as well as increased load. This makes it easier for you to enhance your business performance as the business expands.

The existing system can be swiftly upgraded to service the increased traffic and load. Relocating the infrastructure is also easier if the business moves to a new building. Experience better performance and business growth!

Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems - Computers Nationwide
Future Investment

The modern fiber structured cabling system is built for your future needs. With a structured design customized for your business, it is capable of keeping up with the dynamic business environment.

The system also has a higher bandwidth which means it is better suited for your growing enterprise’s needs. Withstanding your growing needs, the system offers easier and more effective communication helping you deliver better service to your clients.

Supports Multiple Systems

Businesses today require a conjunction of systems for enhanced business performance. Structured cabling systems have the capability of working with and supporting multiple business systems, making them the ideal network for any business.

With businesses now operating in different locations and hybrid teams becoming popular, remote business meetings have become the norm. Structured cabling offers VoIP software that can be used to seamlessly conduct business meetings online.

They also support security camera systems for surveillance. With this in place, monitoring and regulating business in different locations becomes easier and hassle-free.


With growing technology, the fear of infringement of security also grows. With multiple applications, and processes integrating at workplaces, cyber security has become critical.

Structured cabling systems offer unique security protocols limiting access only to authenticated users. This prevents systems from being hacked and important information and resources from being leaked.

Keeps the Workspace Organized

One consequence of having multiple systems is the intricate and complex wiring that comes with them. Structured cabling does away with those by fitting all the cables and wiring into the walls, under floors, or above the ceiling. With everything concealed and out of sight, your workplaces look tidy and look professional!

Even when concealed, the cabling is organized making identification of errors and resolution easier and less time-consuming.

Customized Structured Cabling from Computers Nationwide

A customized service plan can help you identify your business needs, and design a network that best supports your business performance and growth. The right plan along with the right solutions provider can set you up for success.

Computers Nationwide can implement low voltage cabling throughout your building. We also provide Managed IT support if anything goes wrong! By installing low-voltage cabling to your communication system, you will see a noticeable improvement in how well your entire network performs.

“Technology infrastructure is only as strong as its faultiest wire.” This isn’t the area to cut corners. Proper low-voltage cabling installation determines the security, reliability, and speed of a company’s operations. We can troubleshoot your current cables, run new voice/data cables, or we can design a completely new cable infrastructure!

Whether your company is a startup or you are running a sizable corporation, our technicians can accurately assess your wiring needs and build a network suited specifically for your workplace.
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