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3 Essentials for Better Business Communication

This week’s blog features an article from our friends at Broadvoice about the essentials for improving business communication.

In our fragmented world, meaningful connections become increasingly rare as we cycle through devices and virtual meeting rooms and adapt as a society to a new paradigm of communication. Broadvoice infuses care into the foundation of your business communications. We are a company that believes in building strong connections as we help businesses communicate smarter with b-hive Communicator, our phone service app.

The essentials for the next generation of successful business communications include leveraging automation, redefining collaboration, and enhancing remote connectivity.

When your team has the right UCaaS solution with robust, intuitive capabilities, you are equipped to have more purposeful conversations, at the right moments, to move your business forward.

Essential #1: Use the power of automation

Auto attendant for a better customer experience: Our customers agree that one of the most appreciated and used features of the b-hive Communicator platform is the auto attendant which enables your business to set custom hours and route calls without a receptionist. This automation option enhances customer experience ensuring that the first point of contact for the customer is always consistent and appropriately serviced.

Automation technology frees your business from mundane, repetitive tasks inherent in digital communication and paves the way for customization of the customer experience.

According to research from the McKinsey Global Institute, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated customer demands for hyper-personalization. More than 75% of consumers agree that they are more likely to buy from brands that offer a personalized experience. In a noisy digital world, the way your business communicates with customers unequivocally sets the tone for personalization of the customer experience and gains mindshare.

3 Essentials for Better Business Communication - Computers Nationwide
Essential #2: Embrace new opportunities for collaboration

MS Teams integration for collaboration: As the paradigm of work shifts in our society, collaboration becomes even more important to virtual success in any industry. Broadvoice believes connected teams build stronger businesses, which is why we introduced MS Teams PBX integration for b-hive.

Collaboration inspires better ideas, more productivity, and cross-pollination between departments. In the enhanced b-hive platform, your business can take advantage of UCaaS features with added MS Teams functionalities.

In an instant, video calls are made simple, business SMS is made effortless on personal devices, and call details records are stored in perpetuity. Set up your team for success with b-hive MS Teams integration and eliminate the need to juggle windows, multiple devices, and stress over loss of connectivity.

Essential #3: Optimize remote accessibility

b-hive gives you more control over your time and connectivity: When you start with care, you get a different kind of UCaaS solution.

The seamlessness, flexibility, and accessibility of the b-hive platform means less stress for you and more free time to focus on the things that matter to your business. Your business is empowered to customize messaging, segment customers, and most importantly carry on uninterrupted meaningful conversations from anywhere at any time.

Communication is the foundation of any successful business. Broadvoice supports your business with these essentials for success, a powerful UCaaS solution, and genuine customer care to have more conversations that matter.

Read the original article here.
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Whether you want to overhaul your customer facing communication strategy or you’re looking to streamline internal communication at your company, Computers Nationwide is here to help!

As your business evolves, so does the need for better communication.

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