The Top 5 Universities for IT: Which Program Will You Choose?


Tech careers are booming! As Junior and Senior high school students are back to school, now is the time to focus on their future. Do they want a trade school certificate for computers? Are they headed to a University for an Information Technology degree? While we have many excellent programs within Illinois, young people often look to experience other geographic locations and cultures, especially if their opportunity for scholarships is higher. Computer Nationwide hires candidates from all types of educational programs; yet we thought it would be helpful to showcase the Top 5 Universities for IT in 2018. This data was collected from the U.S. Department of Education after a rigorous analysis of academic, admissions, financial, and student life data.

Top 5 Universities for IT…

1. Carnegie Mellon University: The premiere school delivering a high quality education while located in Pittsburgh, PA. Ranked #1 is truly incredible. Those who are truly passionate about technology find themselves applying eagerly. With an acceptance rate of only 22%, it is an extremely rigorous and difficult program. Alumni speak of Carnegie Mellon University as a high yield investment in their future. Tenacious work combined with a premier IT program definitely leads dedicated students to a bright future in the information technology field.

2. Cornell University: An Ivy League school, Cornell is top notch. Located in Ithaca, NY this school is the pinnacle of higher education. Cornell leaders are known for making an impact on the world around them. Offering a rigorous and rewarding program, Niche ranked Cornell #2 because it provides a diverse selection of IT classes as part of its strong undergraduate program.

3. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor: While athletic programs are their powerhouse, University of Michigan shines with its IT program. Located in Ann Arbor, MI this state school provides a first rate education with highly competitive value for your money. 29% acceptance rate, the University of Michigan is a difficult yet rewarding school. Niche ranked University of Michigan #3 for it’s IT program in America and provides an array of classes as a part of the information and technology major that will prepare any young person for a career in the field.

4. Brigham Young University: Niche ranked BYU #4 for its IT program because it has a rich and diverse range of academic courses to pursue and prepare in order to have a robust career in technology. Located in Provo, UT, this school has an excellent IT program at a lower price point than other state schools. With an acceptance rate of 51% BYU is not impossible to get into and houses a very studious and driven student population.

5. University of Washington: The University of Washington is a top tier school that also boasts an an excellent IT undergrad program. Located in Seattle, WA, this school gives a fantastic education while providing student with the tools to grow as an individual. Their diverse student population provides rich life experiences. Ranked #5, this large school presents a student to faculty ratio of 17:1. Quite rare for such a large school to provide students with such an extremely personalized education.

To learn more, check out the full report 2018 Best Colleges for Information Technology. When your student completes their certification or degree, visit our Careers page to see what opportunities are available. Good luck in school and we hope to see you in a few years!
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