Microsoft: Building Trust Around the Globe Through Technology! Computers Nationwide

Microsoft: Building Trust Around the Globe Through Technology!

“Building trust starts by applying our culture and values to build lasting relationships inside and outside Microsoft. Our values are the enduring principles that we use to do business with integrity and win trust every day. Our culture is our operating framework — who we are and how we behave.”

“There have been many companies whose products have changed, and even revolutionized the way in which we live, but it’s hard to find one which has had the global impact of Microsoft. People like them and dislike them for various reasons, but I sincerely doubt that any of us can objectively dismiss the impact Microsoft has made.”

The world of technology is constantly changing, and because of this, Computers Nationwide has chosen to partner with some of the world’s top technology companies. Our goal is to offer the best products & brands to serve you! Therefore, we have innovative leaders in technology as network affiliates by our side ready to offer business solutions that fit your needs.

Microsoft is on a mission to build trust around the globe through technology! - Computers Nationwide


Microsoft Corp. is an American technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that supports the invention, manufacturing, and licensing of goods and services related to computing. It was registered in New Mexico in 1976 after being formed the year before by two childhood friends.”

What is Microsoft best known for?

Microsoft is known for their operating systems. An operating system is the software that supports a computer’s basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals. Their products have gained popularity because they continue to be reliable and built to make your business run smoothly. Other extremely successful and award winning products include Windows, Microsoft Office and Office 365.

  • Windows – Microsoft’s crowning achievement. The Microsoft Windows operating system went public in 1986 and Bill Gates became a billionaire at 31. Businesses will continue to use Microsoft products because improvements and innovations are constantly being made but most importantly, the devices continue to be reliable! 
  • Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office is a software package that include word processor, spreadsheet, mail program, business presentation, and more!
  • Microsoft 365 – A powerful business tool that makes the workplace easier. Some of these benefits include: tightened security, improved communication, onboarding and much more!
Microsoft is on a mission to build trust around the globe through technology! - Computers Nationwide
Microsoft Office 365 is a tool for the professional.

Office 365 is a  popular business tool because of the advantages offered to your employees and organization.

  1. Users can work from anywhere
  2. Provides robust security and reliability
  3. Teams and users can easily collaborate
  4. Teamwork tools include multi-party HD video, content sharing, shared calendars and team chat
  5. Access to the latest programs
  6. Easy setup and management
Microsoft Awards & Recognitions

The Office App Awards
Zoom’s Microsoft Teams on Zoom integration was awarded 3rd place in the Best Office Integration category. Zoom allows you to start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting. Zoom help create an interactive team meeting experience through video share, screen share and more!

JUST Capital’s Top Ten Companies For Workers 
In 2018, Microsoft earned the number 2 spot on this list which recognizes companies that have demonstrated their commitment to providing excellent support to their workforce.

Disability-Smart Awards
Microsoft took home the Technology Initiative of the Year prize in 2018 for ensuring its products can be used by as many people as possible. The event “recognises individuals and organisations around the world that have made an outstanding contribution to disabled people”.

100 Best Corporate Citizens
Microsoft ranked first on the 2018 Corporate Responsibility Magazine (CR Magazine) 100 Best Corporate Citizens list. The list recognizes standout environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performances from public companies across the United States.

Computers Nationwide is a proud Microsoft partner. Does your organization need to restructure your network? Faster computers? More reliable operating systems? Trustworthy cloud storage and file sharing? We are listening and ready to work with you toward the best solution possible for your business. Let’s get started!
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