What do you know about the tech our Network Affiliates offer?- Computers Nationwide

What do you know about the technology our Network Affiliates offer?

Computers Nationwide partners with leading edge businesses to provide you and your team with excellent technology. As we aim to build trust in our customer-affiliate relationships, we want to highlight what’s happening with three incredible companies we work with:

March Madness Highlights More Network Affiliates - Computers Nationwide - Microsoft


Last week Microsoft announced that it is expanding cloud services in Europe and into the Middle East to meet growing customer demand. Opening their first data center locations in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, and then expanding the cloud options for customers in Germany. By delivering the comprehensive, intelligent Microsoft Cloud – comprised of Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 – from data centers in a given geography, they offer scalable, available and resilient cloud services for companies and organizations while meeting data residency, security and compliance needs. Microsoft has deep expertise protecting data and empowering customers around the globe to meet extensive security and privacy requirements, including offering the broadest set of compliance certifications in the industry.

March Madness Highlights More Network Affiliates - Computers Nationwide - AvayaAvaya

Avaya is a global leader in digital communications software, services and devices for all businesses. They recently announced the addition of cloud-based team collaboration to the Avaya Equinox Experience, the company’s signature unified communications and collaboration user interface and cloud service. The Avaya Equinox Experience is a sleek, personal user interface for one-stop access to voice, video, chat communications channels, calendar, meetings and more. Its “mobile-first” Top of Mind screen provides at-a-glance visibility to everything that a user needs in real time: schedule, contacts, messages, voice and video. The Avaya Equinox Experience adds team collaboration with deep level of unified communications integration to leapfrog other vendor solutions for streamlining workflows.

March Madness Highlights More Network Affiliates - Computers Nationwide - HoneywellHoneywell

Honeywell is revolutionizing game-changing solutions which are helping industrial facilities eliminate unplanned downtime, maximize output, minimize safety risk and optimize supply chain strategies. Growing up in the digital age, Millenials are looking for more experiential learning. In the industrial sector, this savvy plays an important role as it allows companies to train their staff more effectively and quickly. With as many as half of industrial plant personnel due to retire within the next five years, fast knowledge transfer has become critical. So AR and VR are helping this next generation of plant personnel to optimize their skills safely, reliably and efficiently. Honeywell has actually collaborated with Microsoft on a new solution: The Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight Immersive Competency.

We are excited to keep you in the loop about how our amazing network affiliates keep transforming the digital needs of our global world whether as individuals or in business. Creating these partnerships aligns with our values: Integrity, Fairness, Loyalty, Quality of Products & Services, and Extraordinary Value.

What is your current pain point? Our business solution experts are here for you along with our network affiliates. Let’s get the conversation started!


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