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A Guide to Cloud PBX for Small Business

With 62% of American workers working remotely during COVID-19, and 59% of employees reporting that they would prefer to work remotely as much as possible even once the situation passes, internal communication is beginning to look different.” In fact, popular tech companies are making major changes. Facebook said as many as 50% of employees could be working remotely within the next 5-10 years. Twitter is allowing some of its workforce to continue working from home “forever,” if they choose. Is your business following suit – during the pandemic and beyond?
Do your remote employees feel supported by your current phone system? With a cloud phone service, voice, collaboration, and SMS are all in one hub so you can empower your teams to communicate the way they work best. If you’re looking for a new & reliable phone solution for your business, a cloud PBX system might be just what you need!
According to Business News Daily, “Cloud PBX has become one of the most popular telephony systems on the market thanks to its ease of use and low costs.” Keep communication strong by supporting employees both in the physical office and working remotely
Are you ready to take your communications to the next level? Learn why your business will thrive with a hosted cloud PBX phone service!

What is PBX? What is Cloud PBX?

Let’s start with the basics. PBX is short for a “private branch exchange”. This type of system is a business-grade telephone network that allows for communication both internally and externally. What sets a business phone system apart from your home phone or mobile service is that it offers additional features, such as extensions, conferencing calling, voicemail, call routing, waiting queues, hold music and more. A cloud PBX system is hosted on “the cloud” where data is stored and exchange over the Internet, instead of via computer or or other type of hardware.

VoIP-Info.org shares: “Originally, a PBX was a large unit of hardware that had to be stored on-site and operated by hand. These machines could be very costly for a company, as they were large, needed special storage facilities, needed regular repairs and had to be operated manually. On the other hand, Cloud PBX gives you access to PBX capabilities without the need for complicated and expensive equipment. Cloud PBX is a kind of Hosted PBX or virtual PBX, meaning that all of the routing services are performed by your VoIP provider, rather than by an employee managing a PBX system in your office.

All cloud technologies are dependent on the Internet. A cloud PBX works by connecting to your IP, or Internet phone, for its internet connection. So, you must have a VoIP or other IP system in place in your office in order to use a cloud PBX. Many VoIP service providers will include their PBX options at little or no extra charge.

You can access your cloud PBX with a personalized account from any device that can run the Cloud PBX’s interface software. This means that you can access your cloud PBX from any Internet-enabled location or device that you have certified for use with your system. Usually, this is just a matter of logging in with a password or security question from that device. The multiple devices communicate with each other through middleware, a software that allows your cloud to have several means of access.”

A Guide to Cloud PBX for Small Business - Computers Nationwide

Cloud PBX phone systems in a nutshell: Businesses can access the data and services of the it’s cloud from any device connected to the Internet with ease. Thus with a cloud PBX provider, you can use all of the standard PBX features without the need for an actual PBX in your home or office. How convenient!

Top 5 Benefits of Hosted Cloud PBX Services for Business…
  1. Cost Savings: Hosted PBX is provided as a service, therefore your company won’t need to purchase any physical equipment. A lack of equipment will helps you save on installation and maintenance costs!
  2. Flexibility: Make business calls or texts via smartphone or computer from anywhere, anytime – as long as you have a reliable internet connection! Also, employees can customize their phone settings to whatever works best for them.
  3. Budget Friendly: A hosted PBX solution also gives your business control over how much you spend, since you will only pay for the features and number of phone lines needed. Your plan, your way!
  4. Capabilities: Keep everyone connected, whether they work remotely or not, with options for instant messaging, group chats, video calls, screen sharing, and, of course, phone calls.
  5. Grows as you Go: Cloud PBX solutions are perfect for growing businesses. Subscribe and pay for only the number of employees you have now and add on as you grow. There’s no need to guess your future needs.
Have your employees been asking for an updated phone solution that is more secure, reliable, and better quality all around? Computers Nationwide will supply your business with a cloud PBX service to best fit the needs of your company. Learn more about the offerings from our partners at 8×8, Broadvoice, NetFortris, and TPx Communications!

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