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How To Avoid Deadly Software Bugs

Nowadays, you can access anything on the internet. From fake news and financial tips, having a computer is vital to a majority of the world’s population. Having a fully functioning one is something that many of us have grown accustomed to in both our personal and work lives.

Many companies rely solely on computers to do business. The use of computers in business has simplified a lot of tasks and allows employees to spend time doing more meaningful tasks thus feeling more fulfilled with their work. However, when this piece of technology experiences operating issues, it can make work and life a bit stressful.

Did you know that software failures cost the worldwide economy $1.1 trillion in 2016. 363 companies were found to have experienced these failures, which in turn affected 4.4 billion customers. The long term effects of these failures cost companies over 300 years of lost time! It is clear that software bugs are no small issue.

Why Software Bugs Negatively Impact Business & How to Avoid Them - Computers Nationwide

Many of these incidents were easily avoidable if the proper tests were done to ensure all of the bugs were smoothed out before the software was rolled out. With the evolution of technology and the push for constant innovation, some software developers have pushed programs out before finalizing all the testing. This is highly problematic because, as you saw above, it is one costly issue if things go wrong!

IBM has reported that “the cost to fix an error found after product release was four to five times as much as one uncovered during design. All we can hear in our heads is the cha-ching noise at the thought of that price tag… YIKES. There is good news though – companies can prevent software bugs from wreaking havoc on their operations by taking a few steps:

  • Research the software company you plan to purchase from and look into their testing protocol (most reputable and well known companies have one in place)
  • See if any software bugs have recently caused major issues within the last 12 months for any software they develop
At Computers Nationwide we are constantly monitoring our software systems to ensure testing standards are being exceeded before updates roll-out. Feel at ease when you choose any of our services and know that you are in good hands. Looking for a new software system to help your business run more efficiently? Contact us today!
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