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Protecting Your Business in 2018 Against Cyber Attacks

As Cyber Crime skyrockets into the future, the worldwide damages are expected to reach more than $6 trillion by 2021. What a frightening number! However, just think about the widespread impact when businesses take a look at the numbers and calculate just how much their costs, productivity and employee’s identity have all been catastrophically affected. Nobody wants to be part of that type of conversation, but inevitably it is likely to happen.

The virtual global world is scary and overwhelming; however businesses will be able to persist and succeed following our easy suggestions to combat cyber crime heading into the New Year.

Install A SSL Certificate

  • Keeps your website protected by encrypting critical information from visitors and hackers
  • Improves search engine ranking by Google

Biometric Profile

  • Facial recognition, thumbprint and retina recognition
  • Quickest way for identity verification
  • Typically seen now in phones, laptops and tablets

Improve Employee Habits

  • Set the tone for everyone to use stronger, more advanced passwords
  • Keep all technology updated (hardware and software)
  • Hire a dedicated CISO
  • Lockdown the Wi-Fi

Investing in cyber insurance, employee knowledge, and software improvements are all vital for business survival in this cyber-threatened climate. Remain current on the types of cyberattacks trending worldwide. Computers Nationwide strongly believes that prevention is the best strategy to protect yourselves in 2018. Keeping your business connected and secure today, tomorrow and beyond! Questions? Let’s talk.

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