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What Is Microsoft’s Secret to Success? A Growth Mindset…

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According to Sataya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, it is having the company’s culture shift and adapt toward embodying a growth mindset. For decades, employees have been trained and focused on asking non-emotional, hard-lined precision questions. Microsoft’s mission was to create technology so others can create technology. They flourished. Today, Nadella believes in, “Empowering people and organizations all over the planet to achieve more…It’s not about our technology, it’s about what other people can do with our technology.”

What is a growth mindset?

Leaders with a growth mindset value effort in developing abilities, evaluating performance, learning, attitude and then praising workers to create optimal motivation and teamwork. Professor Carol Dweck, Stanford University of Psychology, dedicated years to studying the brain and conducting research on how fixed mindsets can be changed to growth mindsets. Dweck is actually responsible for the “Growth Mindset Revolution.” which has positively affected the education field as well as in business and technology.

Nadella’s journey has not been easy as he leads Microsoft’s culture into a new direction. Many have been resisted this growth mindset shift. His strategy inspires non-violent communication and empathy within the company as well as when working with their customers. Going beyond customer’s’ words and getting in touch with their real needs will not only drive innovation but result in more successful business collaborations.

What Is Microsoft’s Secret to Success? A Growth Mindset... -Computers Nationwide

How does this affect technology? Nadella sees mixed reality, artificial intelligence and quantum computing as Microsoft’s key areas of focus. “Mixed reality is the ultimate computer or computing experience…the world we are going towards with virtual reality is one of augmented reality…It’s a dial which you will be able to turn.” Thus becoming fully immersed in something or see the real world with artificial objects.

Further into the article he added, “I think it will change collaboration, it will change commerce, it will change the notion of what presence is. Design and collaboration are being fundamentally transformed.” Just released, his book, Hit Refresh is about his quest for new energy, new ideas, continued relevance and renewal. The most exciting and disruptive wave of technology is about to to hit humanity. Microsoft will be ready! Are you?

To learn more about Microsoft’s success, check out the following links: http://zd.net/2xQZifb and http://amzn.to/2wqXbgn.

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