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Inside Trustwave’s New Chicago Cybersecurity Command Center

This week’s blog features an article from Chicago Inno by Jim Dallke about the new cybersecurity command center in downtown Chicago…

“Right now, in a dark cybersecurity command center in downtown Chicago, hackers and researchers are watching data breaches happen in real time.

A large screen with a map of the world shows cybersecurity attacks as they happen, with darting arrows that indicate where attacks are coming from and who’s being hit. Another screen shows a scrolling Tweetdeck list of hackers (both good and bad) to monitor chatter from the hacking community. A screen on the far right of the room monitors the dark web, showing an updated list of emails and passwords being shared within the underbelly of the internet. A screen in the middle of the room has the Weather Channel on in order to keep tabs on Hurricane Florence.

It’s all part of Trustwave’s new SpiderLabs Fusion Center, a cybersecurity command center that’s designed to track cyber criminals, detect when hacks occur and instantly kill threats that arise. Trustwave officially announced the launch of the new space on Wednesday and has been operating it since June.

The goal of the new space is all about collaboration (hence the “fusion” name), said Jeremy Batterman, who leads a team inside SpiderLabs. The space allows separate Trustwave units—including ethical hackers, advanced researchers, threat hunters and incident responders—to collaborate on projects and respond to incidents from one space. Trustwave says the SpiderLabs Fusion Center is among the most sophisticated cybersecurity command centers in the world. Around 40 employees work out of the 6,000-square-foot space.

“Top security programs are built by combining the right people, advanced processes with the best technologies. Our new center ensures all three,” said Chris Schueler, senior vice president of managed security services at Trustwave.

Trustwave was founded in 1995 and was acquired in 2015 for more than $800 million, making it one of Chicago’s most successful tech exits in recent years. The company works with everyone from defense contractors to Fortune 100s to small business owners to protect against cyber attacks. More than three million businesses are enrolled in its Trustwave TrustKeeper cloud platform, and its customers span 96 countries. Trustwave has more than 2,000 total employees, 400 of which work out of its Chicago office.”

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