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Homeland Security Protects Against Cyber Threats with New Risk Management Center

BIG news: Department of  Homeland Security unveiled their NEW National Risk Management Center designed to combat the exponential security threats putting our nation in danger. The high alert comes on the tail end of the recent summit where Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen emphatically stated that “cyberattacks exceed the danger of physical attacks.” The new cyber initiatives are laser-focused on fiercely protecting the nation’s banks, power grid and other industries. We are living in critical times.

The National Risk Management Center secured government experts and industry partners to manage all resources necessary to defend against the mounting cyberthreats.

Public-private cybersecurity partnerships are nothing new but with the threats getting more sophisticated, private companies recognize that they can’t go at it alone. “The danger lies in the complexity of nation-states like Russia and China,” stated Olsen, a former director of the National Counter-terrorism Center. Recently, Department of Homeland Security set a serious tone at the inaugural National Cybersecurity Summit held in New York. Throughout the Summit, DHS and its government and industry partners laid the groundwork for a concrete action plan which will be a collaborative effort cross-cutting risk management across the government and private sectors. While there is a long road ahead, this diverse group of well-respected CEOs, senior government officials such as Vice President Pence and hundreds of other committed individuals from multiple industries are working hard to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure from the growing cyber threat.

Vice President Pence shared very insightful remarks at the National Cybersecurity Summit. Paraphrasing: Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Technologies continually shift rapidly from the Internet of Things to 5G to artificial intelligence to quantum computing, and each advance is accompanied not only by new opportunities, but new challenges. And just as the threats are evolving, our defenses, too, must evolve. The only way to be strong and secure is if we stand strong and secure together on behalf of the American people. His entire speech is linked here.

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