Expand Smarter With The Fiber Optic Internet Advantage - Computers Nationwide

Expand Smarter With The Fiber Optic Internet Advantage

Fiber Optic Internet networks are the fast and furious future. Today’s businesses are evolving. As they change, they are looking for more effective and efficient methods of handling bandwidth, performance and end-point needs. Companies are working harder and harder to compete. They need to anticipate what it will take for them to turn their current network into a system that will support growth and demand into the future..

According to a study by Nielsen Norman Group, users need roughly 50% more bandwidth with each passing year. Simply stated, if a user required 100 megabytes of bandwidth today, they would require approximately 150 megabytes to perform the same basic functions one year from now. Modern technology is increasingly allowing for more collaboration.

Usage levels are increasing due to:

Expand Smarter With The Fiber Optic Internet Advantage - Computers Nationwide

Currently, AT&T and Comcast run fiber into select neighborhoods in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Once the fiber has been run, your business would run fiber to a connection point in the office park. Computers Nationwide’s professional technicians will run the fiber internet from the connection point into and throughout your office, large warehouses or even city skyscrapers!

The Fiber Optic Internet System Advantages:

  • Speed is lightning fast compared to even the fastest copper broadband widths. Fiber optic speed can be as much as 20 times faster than 50Mbps broadband.
  • Cloud Access improves with speed and bandwidth opening up access to data and cloud-based applications.
  • Reliability based on fiber’s strength, resistance to inclement weather, electrical or human interference (unlike copper cabling).
  • Signal Strength is superior to traditional broadband DSL or Copper because the signal does not degrade quickly over distance like the other systems.
  • Increased Security and Enhanced Protection against Cybercrime. Hackers’ and Cyber-criminals’ efforts are greatly diminished because the only way to penetrate into the thin, flexible glass fibers and tubes is by physically cutting into them.
  • Reduces Interference because it is made of extruded silica which is magnetically neutral. Copper is affected by Electromagnetic Interference (EM) on how it transfers data.
  • Costs are reduced because resources are abundant, inexpensive and easy to upgrade. Productivity increases because signals are never lost!
Expand Smarter With The Fiber Optic Internet Advantage - Computers Nationwide

The Fiber Optic Internet systems will build a better foundation for your business

Using faster, more reliable solutions will help you share large amounts of data and information with your employees in the field and customers. Phone systems, Internet and all IT communications will run MUCH faster. Productivity increases as this digital transformation opens up the possibility for enhanced cloud-based applications, network expansion for remote and mobile users and data protection.

Any investment into an Internet solution has the potential to impact your business. Our trusted professionals know the business of fiber optic internet connectivity inside and out. Let us help you accurately choose the best solution to fit your current usage trends and future industry projections!

Call us for your consultation today!

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