Computers Nationwide Announces New Cyber Security Partner - Computers Nationwide

Computers Nationwide Announces New Cyber Security Partner

Big news! Computers Nationwide is excited to announce a new Cyber Security enhancement we have added to our Managed Service offerings. Introducing our new partnership with Huntress Labs! Find out how your business will remain productive, profitable, and secure with this new relationship…

Cyber Security is one of, if not, the top concern for managed service providers. The IT threat landscape is ever changing and evolving. The bad guys continue to be bad and the good guys continue to find ways to beat them back. Our managed services customers already benefit from features in our security stack such as next generation firewalls by Sophos, next generation antivirus by Webroot and our Automate agents by Connectwise, to name a few.

Unfortunately the bad guys never give up and therefore we are always on the hunt to find the best solutions to help keep you and your networks safe. When a new type of threat is identified the industry reacts quickly to find a way to combat it. That time and that way is now. We have partnered with Huntress Labs to provide the ability to hunt for malicious persistent footholds.

Persistent footholds are an often overlooked piece of endpoint telemetry when hunting for threats. Malware authors use evasion techniques such as Trusted Application Abuse, Obfuscation and Trusted Infrastructure Abuse. All of these can be missed or overlooked by the traditional antivirus solutions and intrusion prevention features of firewalls…Enter Huntress Labs. Huntress focuses on the often overlooked items and detects the Fileless Malware, Backdoors and Application Masquerading techniques used by the attackers.

To answer the imminent question, no, this does not replace any of our existing security features/tools but rather works alongside them to help fill the gaps. Huntress is an agent that will be installed on each endpoint (servers, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc.) much like our Automate network monitoring agents and our Webroot antivirus.

Computers Nationwide Announces New Cyber Security Partner - Computers Nationwide

Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Our Managed Service Options from Huntress Labs

Layered Security: Defense Reimagined

There’s no getting around it: cyber attackers are growing increasingly sophisticated in their tactics. From web apps and operating systems to hardware and human error, today’s hackers leave no potential vulnerability unchecked. But that’s why you have antivirus, right? Not so fast. If recent headlines have taught us anything, it’s this: A determined hacker can bypass even the most robust security program. So what should an organization do? The answer is simple: layer your defenses to address the gaps in your strategy.

Defense in Depth

Developed by former NSA cyber warfare operators, our managed detection and response service represents a new layer in the security stack. Combining automated collection tools with expert analysis, our team actively hunts down threats that may have slipped past other layers of protection. On a daily basis, this new approach uncovers hackers abusing trusted applications and built-in Windows features to evade defenses for months.

Designed to complement your existing security strategy, Huntress analyzes the overlooked methods attackers use to persist within your network. Our managed detection and response service allows you to address these gaps, stopping advanced threats and cutting-edge malware in their tracks. This defense-in-depth model reduces time to detection and provides more comprehensive protection for your organization’s IT assets.

Breach Detection: Hunt or Be Hunted

The threat landscape has changed. Traditional endpoint and network security products simply aren’t enough to protect the modern enterprise. After all, most of these offerings have just expanded on the same frameworks that hackers have successfully exploited for years. So what do you do? You hunt, or be hunted.

A Different Way

In a security environment that is ever changing, the best way to stay on top of potential threats is to start throwing punches. Huntress Labs’ “collect-and-analyze” approach to active threat detection makes hackers earn every inch of their access. Working in tandem, our proprietary endpoint agent and U.S. based threat operations team significantly reduces the time to detection, allowing you to destroy malicious footholds as soon as they are created. It’s an unbeatable combination: machine learning and tenured forensic security experts.

Wouldn’t your company enjoy reducing downtime and protecting your reputation…all while saving money? We thought so! Computers Nationwide is excited to add Huntress Labs offerings to our Managed IT & Managed Cyber Security Services, providing our clients with the best defense possible! Questions? Let’s connect: (847) 419-9900.

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